Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's Halloween season once again and as much as I want to get out of the house and stay the night at a cemetery with our dead loved ones, I'm stuck at home and blogging out of boredom. It's been our family's tradition to be as anti-social and crowd-phobic as possible every November 1 and 2 and every year we go to visit my Lolo in Himlayang Pilipino before the general population of the Philippines wake up so that we're out of there even before the first early bird family arrives at the cemetery.

Earlier this day, I thought this neurotic tradition has finally come to an end as they decided to brave the crowd in the middle of the day after going to church. The main roads were traffic free for the first part of our journey and I thought, finally, I was going to see the graveyard literally full of life as there will actually be people there with us. But, as cruel fate would have it, the zigzagging one line road to the entrance of Himlayan has turned into a temporary parking zone and we were stuck.

So, in the tradition of party pooper-dom, and much to my dismay, we turned to a street and headed our way back home. *enter lament here*

Thank Obama we stopped by SM Marikina for a quick eyeglass fix, grocery and rubber shoes hunt. But honestly, I would've traded the cool air conditioned breathable space of the mall to the hot, crammed and muddy lawn full of dead and decaying corpses any time... this day at least.


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