Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The first thing I noticed when I opened up my Twitter account is Jollibee 10th on the Trending Topics list. After a couple of seconds of "WTH?", I couldn't believe that people are saying that the popular pinoy fastfood chain made a cameo on Glee. Of all TV shows, on GLEE. Especially, on the NEIL PATRICK HARRIS episode. On the JOSS WHEDON (creator of my dearest Buffy the Vampire Slayer and spin-off Angel) directed one that I've been waiting for the whole week. How fantastic is that?

Thankfully, I easily found a decent megavideo link and watched the episode via streaming video. Frankly, I didn't noticed the happy bee even after I have finished watching the whole thing. Probably due to the epic awesomeness (Yes, that's retarded fan speak) of "Dream On".

The episode, as is obvious with its title, is all about some of the characters' most intimate dreams in life. It is surprisingly deep yet it didn't showcase the usual "Don't Stop Believing" performances we are used to. Which is a great thing for a show slowly losing its heart to grand showstopping numbers. I mean, if we wanted to be treated to 40 minutes of sing and dance musical gimmicks then we would've watched a concert. This episode, I think, brings us back to the basics. More character driven plots, less jazz hands.

Best Glee episode of the year, hands down.

Back to Jollibee, I really did not see it. But once I did, it was obviously everywhere on the "We Can Dance" mall dance routine of Artie. I'm betting "PR STUNT" but I might be wrong. Either way it brought us Glee loving Filipinos something to talk and tweet about.

Next stop, the Lady Gaga episode...


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