Thursday, June 10, 2010

The international sensation that is GLEE just wrapped up its first season. With so many musical numbers recorded and performed, it's almost impossible to pick a favorite. Almost. Here are my personal picks for the most hair-raising, mind bending, emotionally uplifting songs / performances of season one.


10. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen - Jesse St. James with Vocal Adrenaline
I know. They're the bad guys. But basing from the superb performance of VA and Jesse St. James's remarkable pipes, this track definitely deserved a thumbs up.

9. Faithfully - Journey - Finn Hudson, Rachel Berry and New Directions
There's something magical that happens every time Rachel and Finn perform a duet. Whatever it is, "Faithfully" embodies just that.

8. Somebody to Love - Queen - New Directions
First great performance of the complete glee club. Definitely a memorable one.

7. Imagine - John Lennon - Haverbrook Deaf Choir and New Directions
The audio itself is mediocre, but what made this song so special was the scene with the deaf choir and the message it brings to all.

6. I Dreamed a Dream - Cast of Les Miserables - Shelby Corcoran and Rachel Berry
Susan Boyle got nothing when it comes to Idina Menzel and Lea Michelle, singing as mother and daughter, combined.

5. Hello - Lionel Richie - Rachel Berry and Jesse St. James
Lea Michelle and Jonathan Groff in their first duet since Spring Awakening. Wendla and Melchior, Rachel and Jesse, it's just too perfect.

4. One Less Bell to Answer / A House is Not A Home - Barbra Streisand - Will Schuester and April Rhodes
This very well done mash up of two songs that could almost be considered under the genre of 'Classical' brought forth such emotion it's hard not to be carried away.

3. Defying Gravity - Wicked the Musical - Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry
Fell in love with the song from the very first note. Not only did it stay in my mind's LSS Chamber for weeks on end, but it also opened a whole new world of Broadway musicals that I now just can't get enough of.

2. Don't Stop Believin - Journey - New Directions
The song that reeled in the millions of fans Glee has today. Without the greatness of this song, I think Glee would be just another flop musical.

1. Like a Prayer - Madonna - New Directions with Jesse St. James and gospel choir
New Directions with Jesse St. James and a gospel choir remaking a Madonna song. Need I say more? The unbelievable vocals and the stunning performance gave me goosebumps I didn't even care where the gospel choir came from.

For a full list of GLEE songs:


aagizer said...

interesting set of top 10. i have to agree with the comments you came up with your song choice. makes me think of my favorite top 10 GLEE songs too :) ---

Clarriscent said...

Thanks. Do create a list. :) It's nice to know other people based from their fave Glee songs, of all things. Haha

MesserGleek said...

nice set of songs by the way :)

Clarriscent said...

@MesserGleek: Thank you!

jbhbhb said...

Born This way xxxx

Clarriscent said...


Yes, definitely one of the best of season two. Am planning to make a new list as soon as the latest season wraps up.

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