Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So here I am again, writing another blog post about Charice Pempengco, the latest Filipino singer who has managed to put at least a dent on the not-so-easily breakable bubble of international stardom. The first blog entry elicited some, let's say, enthusiastic / defensive response from readers that, to say the least, took me by surprise.

It has just reached my attention that Charice will OFFICIALLY be guest starring in a recurring role in the next season of Glee. If you have been reading this blog, it is quite obvious how addicted I am with that show. I do feel quite possessive with it, because I want it to succeed and maintain the great momentum it has been in for quite some time now. I am torn by the hype surrounding the list of names that is rumored to be guest starring in the show and the disappointment that this means still fewer air time for painfully underdeveloped existing characters.

That said, I am honestly excited to see Charice walking the halls of McKinley High as a foreign student and threatening Rachel's vocal prowess with her own. That would be surely a diva-off to anticipate. My friends actually teased me upon hearing the news because I am known to them as a 'Charice-hater' because of my previous post and with all the debates I got into with die-hard fans. For the record, I do not hate nor dislike the girl. I do not worship the ground that she walks on yet I don't feel the need to switch the channel or to bang my head on the wall every time she sings. I admire her talent (although there is always room for improvement as with every artist) and is happy with her success. It's the OA-FANS (some of them at least) I happen to severely dislike.

In a nutshell, here's what they're like:

Me / Other People Who Are Not Fans: Charice has a great voice, although I think she can do so much better, try to write songs or at least appeal to a larger crowd, spice up her image. I think she must try harder and strive for growth.

OA Fans: You are deranged! You don't know what you are talking about! She is PERFECT! She has no flaws! She is immaculate the way she is! There is nothing else to change, she is a flawless gift from heaven! You are deaf / blind / stupid. (And here's the worst part:) You are just JEALOUS! Just look at yourself and see if you can sing and perform the way she does! CRAB MENTALITY!!!

Me / Other People Who Are Not Fans: What the... ??

This is not just my experience. I've read too many comment threads from YouTube, Twitter and other sites to know that this kind of flame war happens over and over again. I know that fans, of course, tend to be passionate on what they believe in but please be humble enough to respect other opinions, especially those that clash with your own. We all can't think alike.

With Charice on Glee next season, she will no doubt be introduced to a broader range of audience who will have different opinions about her. Please, let's respect and accept the good and the bad. I am ashamed at how some countrymen spew out profanity when debates get heated and it turns personal. We can't let the world think we are defensive war freaks who cannot take criticisms nor even a joke.

I do not take back all that I've said in the previous post although everything lacking I've stated about her is cancelled out by the mere fact that she will be on GLEE. All her PR people can function like comatose patients and she will still be known world wide once she appears on screen. I just hope real hard that she can act since singing is a given. Obviously, her future in the industry depends on her performance on the show. I hope she will be able to deliver. Can't wait to find out. :)


Anonymous said...

Alas, a comment surrounding Charice but clearly addressing her fans. I think what gets me the most is that people will "hate on charice" when in reality, they're anger is towards responses by her fans. Your constructive criticism is valid, but it's unfortunate that the distaste you have is fueled by fans, rather than by talent itself. In referring to your OA tag on charice fans, I'd like to point out that "charice haters" are and can be equally OA by having baseless dislike of an artists due to her fans. I'm not saying that fanatics should treat non-fans the way they do, in fact they shouldnt because it's rude and disrespectful and quite immature. On that same token, i think it's equally disheartening for non-fans to "hate on charice" because of her fans. I'd much rather welcome a "hater" because they don't like how she sings, they dont think she can sing well, they don't like the songs that others have written for her to sing, etc....bc to that I will say "to each their own."

Anonymous said...

wow! i must say, i stumbled onto your blog from your post about her on Glee. Like you, a good friend of mine and I debated about "Charice not being 'there' yet" mind you this was a couple of weeks ago. I took offense to his assertion because rather than demoralize an artist for "not reaching it yet" I countered his statement by validating the fact that she has gone further than most (a LOT further). Mind you, I agree with you (and my friend for that matter) that she isn't "mainstream" as of now which is (or was) an accurate statement. However, give credit where credit is due. I mean I suppose people give constructive criticism to say, "NOPE Charice isn't there yet so (fanatics) stop being overly excited" but can you really blame fellow countrymen for having pride in someone who is breaking through a historically racist, sexist, and homophobic institution (media and the music industry)?

Sure I agree with you on many accounts, especially in regards to her fans, but i also recognize and will highlight her accomplishments and her talent, validate places where she can improve, and understand where her prideful fanatics are coming from, although it can be overzealous and irritating at times.

We don't all have to agree, but we can all be respectful and not attack..and that message goes out to "OA fanatics and NON OA Fanatics" alike.

Clarriscent said...

@ Anonymous #1: Frankly, it's hard not to be affected by her crazy fans because every time they reiterate her so-called 'perfection' we see more of her flaws. Also, in my experience, hearing her songs and seeing her on TV reminds me of her OA fans I just want to stay as far away from anything connected to her as possible. This is the reason why I am addressing the fans. They should know they they are doing MORE HARM THAN GOOD.

@Anonymous #2: I admire how you debated with your friend by staying on topic and delivering valid arguments. What I dislike the most are fans who would PERSONALLY ATTACK anybody who mentions anything negative about their idol. I understand the whole "Pinoy Pride" angle, although, I do have a link to share with you that I hope you (and all the others who may have stumbled into this site) would take the time to read.


Thanks for the comments!

Anon0 said...

@ the blog owner
You make good points. There are some Charice fans who certainly do more harm than good. I've seen some very defensive people out there address non fans or those who are indifferent with anger, rudeness, and outright hate at times. I sometimes wonder if those fanatical fans realize that they are pushing neutrals and those sitting on the fence away from Charice.

Like you, I also feel shame when I see people of Filipino descent act like the Charice fans you've described. Little by little (and the behavior of Charice fans is an example), I slowly but surely understand why some (and I emphasize the word some) Americans of Filipino descent go out of their way to deemphasize their Filipino heritage.

Clarriscent said...

@Anon0: If only there is a way to educate the whole archipelago on proper online etiquette. That's why I wrote this post, maybe some fans will see what they're doing wrong and educate other fans. Let them understand that just because we are Filipinos it doesn't mean that it's MANDATORY for EVERYONE to love her. And that not everyone who doesn't adore Charice is JEALOUS of her. What an overused ILLOGICAL argument. We all have our own tastes.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of hearing those Pinoy pride thing.
It's weird cause we're [Filipinos] the only ones who do that most of the time. Sigh, how pathetic.

Clarriscent said...


I've noticed that. There are also some nationalities who do the same thing but not in an excessive way. Doing so cheapens the notion of pride of the Filipino people. We should be proud at those who truly deserve the nation's admiration.

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