Sunday, September 26, 2010

It was exactly one year ago when I woke up and found our world submerged in meters of muddy flood water. Never did we imagine it would reach our house (the highest one in probably the highest street in the area), but as everybody now knows, Ondoy wasn't a normal storm and the flood it brought wasn't the normal Oh-crap-my-shoes-are-going-to-be-wet flood but, unfortunately, terrifyingly, it was the Oh-my-God-we're-all-going-to-die kind.

Thousands of different stories, all happened at the same time, all told with fervor and incredulity afterward.

I've already told my story so it would be redundant to repeat them here. Although after reading my own posts written 12 months ago, I still can't believe all the miraculous coincidences that brought about us surviving the worst flood Metro Manila and neighboring provinces has ever seen.

This is my story. What's yours? And more importantly, do we really want to remember them? Aside from the horror and lost assets, I do think there are lessons to be learned from this catastrophe. It's like a Mother Nature spanking session. And heaven forbid, we've truly been bad boys and girls throwing garbage in rivers, cutting off trees and ultimately destroying the world we are living in. She needs us to learn from our mistakes and formulate measures to prevent it from happening again.

So, one year later, have we learned our lesson? Or are we facing another punishment, maybe this time complete with whips or rock salt / munggo seeds ready to be kneeled on?

Credit: Photo by Icegene.


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