Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I never thought that there would come a time that I would describe the Filipino weather as cold. Actually, the only time we tropical dwellers experience frigid temperatures is when the air-conditioning unit is turned on in maximum settings.

But lately, as everybody have already noticed, temperature has significantly dropped throughout the northern part of the country. Whether this is just a fortunate coincidence or one of the early signs of the impending Apocalypse, nobody knows.

So, what can you do to further enjoy such God-given Celsius drops?

Top 5 Things To Do  This Unusually Cold Season in the Philippines:

5. Have fun wearing all the jackets and sweaters that you possess.  I've realized that we wear jackets and hoods as often as we can, probably because those instances happen  once in a blue moon, or at least twice every year. So if you have lots of long sleeves and hoods in hiding, here is the best time to let them out of their lonely cabinets. Heaven knows how long we'll have to wait until this pleasant freak of nature phenomenon happens again.

4. Shave ice blocks and pretend you're in some winter wonderland. A still very warm winter wonderland.

3. Act cool and nonplussed as if you did not notice the change in temperature. "Cold? Nah, I've experienced worse. Been to Antartica."

2. Bring out the comforters especially if you don't have an AC unit in your room. It will probably be the first time you can use one without feeling as if you're in a sauna.

1. Enjoy every freaking hour, minute, second and millisecond you feel the chill of the morning/afternoon/evening breeze. Because come April, you'll be swearing every saint and sinner for the hell that is on earth that is your home and everywhere else you go to.


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