Monday, October 12, 2009

I've been using Mozilla Firefox for quite some time now, Google Chrome once in a while. But when I opened the latter browser, I saw the flip page image in the lower corner of the homepage and clicked, out of curiosity. What greeted me was the wonderful page of google chrome themes that I've been waiting for since trying the browser. I loved the refreshing cleanliness of GC's UI 'cause it makes you see more of the screen rather than the annoying tools hogging all the space. Great for watching a video in the internet you don't want to full screen. And now that it's prettier and more fun to use, I think I'm switching again to GC until I become irritated on how I can't format my picture properly while posting entries here in my blog. Ironic, really, since Blogger and Google Chrome is both owned by Google. How can they make a browser not perfectly compatible with their own site? Weird.

I don't mind the unibar in GC. It's the address bar for most browsers but you can type search queries into it and google will wind up search findings for you. But I do prefer Opera's customizable Dial Pad for websites rather than GC's version of it which offers a thumbnail of your most frequently visited sites.

My new tab looks like this, btw. Pretty, eh?

So, what do you think? Ready to switch or still a Firefox loyal? Opera fan or, worse, IE user??


mssheepy said...

hoho, i still prefer firefox =)

Clarrise said...

A pretty looking browser can only go so far... I switched to firefox again because I can't edit my blog pictures in google chrome. lol.

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