Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What if you have been committing English grammar and syntax errors all your life yet know nothing about it? Fear not and brace yourselves as I present this eye opening list of Filipinoisms at its best (or worst?).

Top 10 Entries in the Pinoy English Dictionary.

10. XEROX --> Proper name, much? Should be PHOTOCOPY.

9. Do you mind waiting? YES, I'll wait. -->  Say what??

8. CR (Comfort Room) --> Technically speaking, comfort room could by any room which provides comfort. So if your bedroom is one of those places, you may be sleeping in a comfort room for all you know. Universal term: TOILET.

7. No Parking on BOTH Sides --> Wow, I had no idea a car could park on BOTH sides at once. Unless somebody invents a mutating car ala Transformers, then the correct term should be: No Parking on EITHER Side.

6. For a WHILE --> For a MOMENT. (Ahem call center agents. :) )

5. TAKE your medicine --> DRINK your medicine. A patient will not get well by just taking the medicine from the nurse on duty.

and another one..

4. TAKE your seat --> Reminds me of my elementary and high school teachers. I would have bought home my chair if it wasn't so heavy because my teacher said I could TAKE it. Correct Term: HAVE a seat.

3. LONG CUT --> If there's a "short cut" then there's a long cut. Ha. Anyone bothered saying the LONG WAY?

and yet another one...


and in honor of the upcoming 2010 Elections, I present thee the No.1 entry in the Pinoy English Dictionary...

1. Presidentiable / Senatoriable

I dare you to type the one or both words in MS Word and spell check it. Google them if you like and I bet you'll only find them in Pinoy websites. It's amazing how these words have become a normal part of our vocabulary with even reporters quoting such term in nightly news. I am also waiting for the words Governable, Congressmanable and Mayorable to enter the Pinoy English dictionary. Not to mention Barangay Captainable and Tanodable. Then they could all unite into one entity called The Corruptibles. (Ref.)


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