Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting stuck at a certain level of Cooking Dash makes one cranky and thirsty for more restaurant adventures. Hence, after raiding Big Fish's online games and looking for a free full version of it at, I've installed Burger Shop 2 in my computer and played it for 6 hours straight. Talk about eye sore.

The goal is set up and deliver the orders of the customers lining up at your shop by picking up items from the conveyor belt and either cooking it or just stacking them up together or both. You need to complete the customers orders before his/her patience runs out and leave.

The game is basically like Cooking Dash except for the conveyor belt factor and having to stack up buns, burgers, lettuce etc. together while filling up drinks at the same time. It's not as easy as it sounds, mind you. A power up or an additional item on the menu is given after every level, either helping or making the next one more exciting to play. The great part about this one is you can choose which item or power up to incorporate to the next level so you know which direction you want to go to.

Burger Shop also has a variety of customers ranging from the patient Normal Guy to the agitated Punk and the eccentric clown who orders weird combination of food items. This brings a pleasant twist to the potential repetitive game play.

The game is not as challenging as its other restaurant time management counterparts but it as addicting. Especially to people who have nothing else to do. Ha.

Rated: ♥♥♥♥/5


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