Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5. Come home immediately or stop by a church. Try not to walk by bridges and places of height. You might be tempted to jump off.

4. Open Facebook, or Friendster if you're ghetto, and communicate with friends and other depressed takers like you. Misery loves company.

3. Store all your reviewers in a dark corner which has never known sunlight and leave them there. Convince yourself you won't be needing them ever again.

2. Organize outings, vacations and college / high school / elementary / pre-school reunions. Of course that doesn't mean they will actually come true. Sometimes, plans are best left on paper.

...and the No.1 thing to do right after taking the Nursing Board Exam is

1. Rack your brain for something to do. The immediate feeling of freedom will only last so long that probably sooner than later, you'll be banging your head to the wall in utter boredom. And also, it will still be two months before you obsessive-compulsively check the internet for uploads on the list of passers. Good Luck!

Disclaimer: Above list is made with these criteria in mind. 65% entertainment purposes and 35% actual meaningful advice. Please follow at your own risk.


YULI said...

haha. nursing too? i tried not to talk with my friends who discuss answer but dang! cant help it. we even group together and hang out afterwards. best of luck! God Bless! Keep the faith! To God be the Glory!

Clarrise said...

LOL, that's a really risky thing to do. After the exam, me and my friends talked about everything except the boards. We didn't want to jinx it. God Bless future colleague! :)

Anonymous said...

hey, nice one. hehe.Funny but has a reality in it. :-) But I think the number one thing that we suppose to do is the number 5 in your list. Just a thought.

Clarrise said...

@kcfitero: Oh, I get you point. :) But it's kind of chronologically arranged from coming home from the boards until you have nothing else to do to make more sense though it's still considered a countdown. But of course in real life we should put God first. :)

manik_reigun said...


the first thing we did after the boards was eat, eat and drink and sing our hearts out to the videoke. harhar

Clarrise said...

@ manik_reigun: Aww, that's nice. I went straight home and logged in to facebook to see how everybody's doing since I've abstained from the internet for a month to concentrate on my review. I'm such a geek. Haha.

Dianne said...

why did i just read this now :P i did the same, I ate with friends, went to a church near home then slept. I think (?) Facebook was not yet a "hype" during that time (or just for me? LOL).

Anyway, happy new year! :)

Clarrise said...

@ Dianne: Belated Happy New Year! Haha time flies so fast I almost could not belive that it was half a year ago that we took the boards and went through different stages of anxiety especially from all the waiting. And now it's the next batch's turn. November 09's result might come out any day now. :)

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