Monday, November 30, 2009

My first style-related post, as I usually spend my time more on fussing over the latest book released or Glee's newest episode rather than what's hot in the fashion industry. Yesterday, I spent my day attending Niner's Final Coaching for the IELTS and Sir Ervin Temporal's birthday bash. I cannot believe the owner of 21 branches nationwide of 9.0 Niner is only turning 22 this day! Now, that is beyond amazing, I must say.

So anyways, after laughing out loud with stand up comedians Michelle Obomeshell's and Ate Glo's sets, I raided Megamall's department store to look for a birthday gift to my sister and some footwear. What greeted me are square meters of shoes after shoes, from sandals to corporate-looking ones. I've forgotten how diverse and extensive Megamall's department store is.

One thing I've noticed is that Gladiator shoes are still apparently in style, much to my dismay. Rows after rows stood atrocious-looking sandals with numerous thick straps in hideous colors. It looked like they've taken the whole Julius Caesar era to the next level, internalizing and replicating Cane and Abel's fashion sense. How unflattering.

Thank Obama it looks like doll shoes are making a comeback. Gone are the lethal pointed I'm-gonna-kill-you-with-my-toes stilettos that I cant' wear anyways because their heels tend to have the circumference of a sharpened pencil. Wedges are blessings from above, however, most of them decided to fuse with evil Spartan sandals resulting in 300-with-really-high-and-solid-heels mutants. Imagine Gerard Butler in wedges. Goosebumps anyone?

After roaming around the store and after getting irritated on how slow the shoe size delivery is at SM at that time, I came home with a midnight blue and black doll shoes and and really comfy wedge I'm dying to use. Finally, my money's being put to substantial use other than food and more food. Less calories, more soles. Yes, indeed.


Baligyana said...

i like the style because they are simple but nice looking.

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