Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I just want to greet my Papa a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know he's reading this blog.. :) Later, this chef wannabe will be cooking corned beef spaghetti sauce and pasta. Ha, have you ever heard of such? Tasty if done the right way.

The cake's already here and we'll have pizza delivered later on. Screw diet, I'm eating bunches!


BURAOT said...

hi clarrise! happy birthday to your papa muna. ;)

anyhoo, i put your site on batch 27. i do this occasionally to clear the lists of non-working sites. so i had to upgrade some to the new unfilled spots.

NYOG said...

happy birthday to ur dad! ;)

Clarriscent said...

@ BURAOT: Thanks so much! Your list is a great help.

@ NYOT and BURAOT: Thanks! I'm sure he's thrilled.

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