Monday, November 2, 2009

The COMELEC Registration has officially ended (except for those people to still come back on Tuesday because of electricity supply disturbances brought about by Typhoon Santi). Now, the question remains: Did you make it?

If your answer is "yes", then good for you. If your answer is "P***** I** ang haba haba ng pila ang daming singit, ang babagal ng mga tao!!!", then here's a shot of diazepam and a month's worth of regret come May 2010 when everyone will be talking about and doing the exact same thing: Voting.

Which brings me to the amusing part of this whole process. The whole country had months, hundreds of days and hundreds of thousands of hours to register, and in true student-cramming-for-an-assignment-for-first-class-tomorrow fashion, it looked like half of the population decided to do it within the last 5 days. Save the best for last ba...

I do not blame these people. I actually admire them for persevering through the long lines ala PRC last day of filing for the NLE... times ten. It's nice to see that, this time, people do want to have a say on the future of our country and our crooked government. I also salute to the mass media's efforts to making the status of being able to vote the coolest thing in the world. Finally, being past the hormonal teenage years showed some perks.

For the record, I got my voter's stub back in July and I remember how there were only 2 of us who was in the COMELEC office who were up for registration. It was a lazy afternoon and there were literally no lines anywhere (as a line with only 2 people is hardly a line at all). After 10 minutes of filling up the form and 5 minutes of the biometric thingy, I was done. Now, compare that to the more than 24 hours of getting in line and trying to push your way through the angry crowds.

No, I'm not trying to do a "Na na nana na!" in front of your screens. What I'm trying to say is that ...Thanks Mom for suggesting that we stop by the Munisipyo and get registered or else I would have been also stuck  in the middle of the line cursing hell hath no fury to those incompetent in-growns handling the registration process.

"Line Anger" can do funny things to people. :)


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