Friday, November 6, 2009

For the first time in my life, I will get to vote in the much anticipated 2010 Elections. And I think that now, more than ever, people are looking forward letting their voices be heard and choices counted. The hyperbolic lines on the last day of voter's registration proved that point. I do anticipate going to our designated precinct or wherever to cast our votes and the great thing is, since this is the first automated elections to be held in the country, first time voters like me won't look too ballot-virgins because everyone would be adjusting to the new system. Yay for technology, boo for the perpetual laggard that is the government.

Right now, there are 4 presidential candidates who already expressed their desire to run though no official registration has been done. Sadly, there's not much to chose from.

Manny Villar

I have this issue about certain personalities who paste their faces and/or names everywhere (see Carl Balita Syndrome). I think it's tacky and irritating. He tries (in vain) to be a kabarkads of the youth with his Akala Mo slogan which I sadly mistook as a Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo spin off.  

Word of Advice: The Pinoy Rocker Band Hype ended 2 years ago so the free concert won't probably do anything except giving tambays an opportunity to bash heads and throw stuff to the beat of the music. And they're probably not registered to vote anyways. Also, the Manny Villar mineral bottles, the Manny Villar noodles and the orange Manny Villar relief good plastics... OVERKILL, mate.

Gilbert Teodoro

The only presidential candidate (and person in Luzon) who is probably thanking and worshipping Ondoy for the havoc it brought to the metropolis. Virtually unknown compared to his other contenders before the tropical storm, the NDCC director got the chance to show off his Galing and Talino pre, during, post the typhoon. Of course expect that the rescuers are doing the best they can but then you'll probably drown before getting saved by the only 2 rubber boats in the whole archipelago. Though I do believe that he's quite brilliant. You know what they say about people with large foreheads.

Word of Advice: Pray for more typhoons and calamities for the next 6 months for more free exposures in TV Patrol and other news shows just when people are watching them the most. Or else, nobody will give a damn. Oh, and stay away from Bayani Fernando. He might rain on your parade with pink and blue paint.

Noynoy Aquino

Dubbed to be the front runner of the race to the Malacanang, I got to say Noynoy has this special quality about him that just gleams with promise and... oh wait, that's just his bald spot showing from the dreaded curse of Alopecia. No, seriously, among all the candidates, he's the most decent one in the bunch, I think. Though I am a bit concerned with a Philippine monarchy forming from thin air with the recent events that led to his bid for the presidency. Government officials tend to stem from the same family tree and it's sickening to see the same tainted blood run the country, though I'm sure that the Aquinos are anything but such. I just want to see something different I guess. And at this rate, a Prince Baby James won't be virtually impossible in the future.*scratches head*

Word of Advice: Kris is the greatest thing that happened to your political career so don't even try to shut her up. 'Nuff said.

Joseph "Erap" Estrada

Two words: HELL NO.


Reagan D said...

dear erap,
manigas ka naman.asap.

Reyjr said...

First time voter here too. Good luck to us.
And by us I mean our country!

Clarriscent said...

@manic_reigun: "ktnxbye" hahaha that expression just cracks me up.. Erap should be proclaimed as a nuisance candidate. Pampagulo lang siya sa next halalan.

@reyjr: hear hear!

onlinewriter said...

I'll be damned if people will still vote for Erap. May amnesia ata tayo pagdating sa politics and social issues.As to Teodoro,reports have it that he delayed the purchase of rubber boats.Naunahan tuloy sya ni Ondoy. Villar,on the other hand, has a shady reputation when it comes to government deals that include huge amounts of money.I'd probably vote for either Noynoy or Chiz (if he runs).God bless the Philippines.

Clarriscent said...

After the whole Edsa II fiasco, masses of people lining up in Edsa to overthrow a crooked president tapos ibabalik ulet siya? Parang tanga lang. I'm also veering towards Noynoy, though I don't think he portrays the image of a brave and rock solid politician capable of leading the country through all of its problems. But nobody's perfect so let's see.

Anonymous said...

To be fair to Gibo and Villar, they really have great sounding platforms. However I am so tired of having really really brilliant and articulate presidents. I mean for the past years we've had bar topnotchers, a Harvard graduate, etc. and look where it got us.

Noynoy on the other hand is a very promising candidate and I'm rooting for him! He seems like the kind of person who's gonna sit down and talk to you, if you know what I mean. Trust has been an issue in our country and I think with Noynoy he can restore the people's faith.

As for Erap, if he has some delikadesa he won't ever ran.

Ramon Guico said...

Great post! this infos can help me to decide who I am going to vote this 2010 election. Anyway, I've been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.


Clarriscent said...

@ Anonymous (my uber late reply): I hear you. I think after all that our country has been to people should vote with more of the characteristic of trustworthiness in mind rather than intelligence or capability. I know I will.

@ Pia: Thanks. I know this post is very much outdated. I'll try to make new ones soon. :)

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