Sunday, February 14, 2010

I can't remember when and where I first heard this song, but what I do recall is how haunting and emotional it sounded that I just can't get it off my head. At that time, the uber-90's Song Hits magazines are still the primary sources of song lyrics and searching / downlading songs from the internet is science fiction. Years after years I held on to few memorized lines but I never forgot this song. Then youtube was invented and I was reunited with this masterpiece.

Few songs about the ambivalent day that is February 14 can do what this song did. It captured the whole other universe of this highly commercialized day devoid of roses, chocolates and all things sickeningly sweet. It is beautifully written and composed, yet painfully honest. Pity not a lot of people are familiar with this song, that's why I feel compelled to share this rare gem with the world.

Happy Valentines Day
by Trina Belamide

It's Valentine's day again Chocolates and roses, dinner by candlelight
But not for everybody There'll be three less roses given away tonight
'Coz Jimmy's girl got on a plane
He tried to stop her from leaving but tried in vain And he'd hand her three roses now
But she lives so far away To a lonely heart, how does one say
Happy Valentine's Day

It's valentine's Day again
Long-time lovers lighting the fire once more
But it's gonna be cold tonight
For someone whose lover walked right out the door
See, Anna's fighting back the tears
Broke up with her beau for nine long years
And she's throwing her dreams of walking down the aisle away
To a broken heart, how does one say
Happy Valentine's Day

Cruel, oh so cruel
Be with your lover and be glad
And if you're without a lover
Well, that's just too bad
Cruel, oh so cruel
No other day like this
Can make you long so much
For the one you miss

It's Valentine's day again
Jay's got the flowers, but somehow it's not the same
Though April's happy
'Coz all he can do is set them on her grave
It's been two years since she passed on
But somehow the pain still lingers on
And no other day can magnify it like this day
To a grieving heart, how does one say
Happy Valentine's Day

How do you say
Happy Valentine's day


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