Friday, February 5, 2010

Do NOT (I should say NEVER) update the app to version 2.1 if you are using USB cable to transfer books from PC to device. Apple has reportedly demanded the removal of the USB sharing feature in Stanza, a popular application for reading ebooks among iPhone / iPod Touch users. And since I have no wifi connection at home and transfer my books primarily that way, I see this as a huge setback to my most beloved and thoroughly used app.

I know I mentioned a few weeks back that I was using the download-from-email feature of the app to transfer my books from my PC to my iPod but that was before I grew tired of searching for a commercial wifi signal every time I have a new book that I want to put into my Stanza library. Being able to transfer via USB cable is practically a gift from the heavens as I was able to do bulk transfer to the device almost instantly and without leaving the comfort of my home.

Now, I almost never update my apps and just this day I decided to look at the 30 updates iTunes has been prompting me to download and I was surprised to see Stanza was one of them. Thank Obama I was able to read first what the update was about before downloading it or else my reading heaven would have been totally screwed up.

It is no secret that Apple has been trying to pave its way into the ebook business, and especially with the release of their latest (and should I mention useless) creation, the iPAD, I see clever marketing ploy to handicap one of their competitors in the market.

Boo Apple. You have disappointed me.


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