Monday, July 12, 2010

Searching and reading online blogs about the experiences of nurse volunteers here in the country made me realize that, although I consider Orchestroscopy as a 'Personal Blog', it falls short of some criteria that would make it a bonafide here-is-my-life-and-I-want-you-to-know-everything-about-it site.

I, for one, am glad that I have grown out of that awkward phase. Although sometimes, it's interesting to read the lives of other people like it's a free magazine you happen to pick up while waiting at the dentist's office, I'd rather keep my posts to book / movie / music reviews, hospital experiences, political musings and Twilight bashing. In short, yes, I love to criticize. I love it so much that almost 80% of my posts here in this blog are reviews of everything I have managed to get my greedy hands on. The same ones I would use to type in paragraphs that would , in context, rip it to shattered pieces or praise it's divine brilliance.

Plus, there's always Twitter and Facebook to share mindless 140-character rants and raves with.

Basically, I think the main reason why I don't want to post too personal stuff here is because too many people know about this blog. If that isn't reason enough then I don't know what is. It's my own doing, really. I am a self-confessed hits addict. I feel all warm and cuddly, see rainbows and puppies and little children blowing bubbles whenever I check on my stats and see that somebody have visited this humble online abode.

Another thing is, if reading my own high school "old-school-pen-and-notebook" diary makes me want to vomit my whole digestive system out, why would I let you experience the same ordeal? The horror!

So, in hindsight, if I'm so reluctant to share anything about me to the world wide web (also known as the Whole Planet), why the heck did I write this post again?


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