Friday, December 17, 2010

You may have heard it in the news recently. I, however, had no idea that the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is doing a facelift on the kind of paper bills that we have grown accustomed to. That said, I was pleasantly surprised to see one picture floating on my Facebook wall showing the new designs of our country's money.

The new bank notes sport a younger-looking photoshopped versions of the personalities that were already a part of the old design, except for the 500 Peso bill where former-president Corazon Aquino joins her beloved husband as they together smile at our nation. Everybody say "awwww...".

The new look also retained the color used in the current bank notes as to avoid confusion.

Value aside, I think my favorite design at this time (basing from the pictures) is the 500 and 200 bills. The chocolate hills scenery is a great addition to the otherwise lackluster bank note. Also, the splash of a yellow Tarsier in the monochromatic green bill gives off a nice aesthetic finish and boasts one of the Philippines' rarest creatures.

The 500 just screams Aquino the Royal Family as it showcases husband and wife Cory and Ninoy Aquino with their son President PNoy's signature in the lower right side of the bank note. What I like best about it is the regal gold color and the fact that Ninoy lost his infamous pensive scowl. I'd like to think that he is now happy that he is reunited with her loyal wife. Once again, all together now: "awwww..." Part II.

With the release of these new bills, what I hope and pray for is that Filipinos will treat them with pride and respect. I shudder to think of these new happy bills in the hands of a Jeepney driver who will just roll it until it resembles a cigarette stick and slip it in a narrow crack in the vehicle's dashboard. 

I remember when we were outside the country, we were so afraid to fold the foreign money in our hands for fear that it will lose its value because we have noticed that the people there have kept theirs crease-free and still looking almost brand new.

I just hope that our fellow countrymen will follow the same practice. And mind you, it is not a bad habit to learn and live by.


Anonymous said...

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arrielle said...

500 and 1000 never visited my wallet. They are so hard to find. :(

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