Saturday, December 18, 2010

10. Anger management classes for some Charice die-hard fans.

9. A couple of those newly designed Philippine Peso paper bills to keep in my wallet. Not for spending, just for show.

7. Darren Criss's charisma and wit.

6. The hilarious sarcasm of Emma Stone's character on Easy A. (Great movie btw.)

5. An invite for me and all my friends to one of those call center Christmas parties where everyone is dressed up and sparkling pretty, complete with red carpet and background tarp with the company logo for picture taking purposes.

4. Personal blogs for friends who still send group messages of things that happened to them that day.

3. That the RH Bill be passed. Go go go, CONDOMS!

2. A universal sign that will let Jeepneys, FXs (FXes?) and Buses know whether you are looking for a ride or trying to cross the freaking road.

...and the No. 1 thing I wish for this Chrismtas:

1. A stop to the endless karmic cycle of me leaving the house with good music in my ear from my iPod earphones just to board a Jeep belting out Jejemon rap songs in heart-pounding bass and inhumane volume.


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