Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5. 11 women die daily in the Philippines due to childbirth. And to think these are due to preventable circumstances that could be aided with adequate skilled professionals and proper instrumentation.

4. Some mothers do not have the education / intelligence nor time to grasp the complexities of Natural Family Planning Method. My class in nursing school had to have hours of lecture, practice and review before we mastered the calculations that is necessary to perform (and teach) the Calendar method and other NFP procedures. And what if, say, the mother has extremely irregular cycles? The "safe" days left would be greatly limited to just a few days. Could the couple have the willpower to abstain, say, 20 days a month if that's what it takes?

3. Teens get their sex education nowadays through the internet by watching porn, reading online materials etc. Yes, you anti-RH supporters may rally all you want against reproductive health lessons in the classroom saying it is inappropriate and takes away children's innocence or whatnot. However, these kids will still find a way to learn about sexuality with just a click of the mouse. Unfortunately, the material in the world wide web is NOT age appropriate nor customized by an expert with a degree in education or other related fields. Most will probably just learn from friends' hearsay or watch pornographic videos and some will try it out just out of curiosity without knowing the responsibilities that comes with it.

2. No matter how hard you scoff at it, teens as early as age 13 and even younger are already having premarital sex regardless of the teachings of the church. If there is a way around this that does not involve reproductive health education and contraceptives, I'd like to find out. Because the church has been teaching abstinence since the beginning of time, and look where it got us.

1. There are thousands of mothers (I've encountered some of them personally) who have no money to pay for government hospital fees (2,000 php and below, seriously) and yet have a newborn in her arms plus 5 more children at home to feed, clothe and provide education. You do the math.

Photo taken from: I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook Page
This is only the peak of a whole Mt. Everest of truths and realities concerned with the heavily debated RH Bill that the opposing side has been seemingly ignoring. Instead, they, for some reason, insist on spreading half truths and skewed reasoning to "defend" morality and babies who don't exist in the first place.

I repeat, this is only some of the many inconvenient truths that I believe the bill could help with. It would be greatly appreciated if you could share your own. And if you happen to be against the Reproductive Health Bill, I would like to find out what you think would be the best way to address these problems.

Valid arguments are most welcome. Personal attacks/insults will only make you look like a fool. Thank you and God bless our country.


Anonymous said...

kawawa naman yung mga mothers na namamatay lang dahil sa mga risk pregnancies, pati mga baby kung walang health teaching tungkol sa safe and responsible parenthood..gerard

Clarriscent said...


That is true. And to think that these problems can be prevented if only the government, the society and even the church will open its eyes and see BEYOND the ancient wordings (with various interpretations, I must add) of a thousand-year-old book.

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