Sunday, August 28, 2011

When it comes to forbidden love between two unlikely people with contradicting destinies, there's only one legendary couple that comes to mind.

Here is my musical tribute to one of the greatest fictional couples to grace television screens all around the world. Buffy Summers, the vampire slayer, and Angel, the vampire with a soul.

I think every Buffy/Angel fan can attest that in these times of teenage vampire-hysteria, no Elena or Stefan nor mopey Bella and sparkly Edward can compete with the original.

The instrumental Close Your Eyes is composed by Christophe Beck and featured in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2, Episode 22 "Becoming Part 2". In the heart-wrenching scene where the music is featured, Buffy was forced to sacrifice her one true love's life to save the world. Up to this day, the scene is still regarded as one of the most powerful moments of the cult classic's history.

Sheet Music can be found here:


Anonymous said...

Huh? That is such a b.......s...t!!!! Mangarap ka na lang. That kind of guy doesn't exist in these times. You are in a make believe world. Wake up girl before it's too late.

Clarriscent said...


I think you commented on the wrong post.

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Anonymous said...

So sad. I love u Shannon!

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