Thursday, September 15, 2011

There is something fascinating about hard core rock anthems transformed into soft acoustic versions, especially if accompanied by the romantic and pristine sounds of a grand piano. 

That said, I have been obsessed with this piece since early 2000's when I first saw a version of it in YouTube. I couldn't believe that a Linkin Park song can sound so melodic and tender, but unquestionably powerful at the same time. I then found a music sheet on the Internet and after doing some alterations (because the author of the sheet probably thought pianists have 3 hands instead of two), proceeded in learning, memorizing and polishing it so it could be fit enough for public consumption.

This isn't really my best shot, but after recording for hours and almost dislocating my right pinky finger after doing numerous faulty takes, this will do.

More PIANO recordings and back story here:

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Semidoppel said...

wow! impressive...request: pechebel canon

Clarriscent said...


Thank you! Canon in D by Pachelbel is already in the works. Meanwhile, I already have the Canon in C derivative from the My Sassy Girl movie here.

Thanks for the comment!

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