Sunday, December 4, 2011

Well, not really. But please, allow me just this once to be perfectly incoherent.

The news that my entry "Blood Stains, the Smell of Disinfectant and the RH Bill" has won the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards for Best Single Post has left me stunned for hours now and has rendered me with the vocabulary of a 6-year-old, mostly comprised of the words "wow" and "thank you". 

I was not even aware that it was a finalist. Imagine my shock when I woke up in the middle of the day and read tweets congratulating me for the said achievement while still half-asleep. After 2 seconds of staring disbelievingly at the screen, I checked my email and, 'lo and behold, there it was, an invitation for the awards ceremony at the Carlos P. Romulo Theater, RCBC Plaza on December 3, 2011 6PM, read 2 days late. 

The sad thing about it is that, this year, I vowed that I would attend the event if ever I make it again to the finals. Last year, when an entry of mine was nominated for Top 3 Posts for 2010, I camped in my room and watched the ceremony live via Ustream. The article lost but the event looked so much fun I promised that the following year, I would drag anyone who's willing and attend the ceremony just for experience sake. 

But then, life happened. A crazy graveyard shift schedule, coupled by lack of sleep, absolute confusion on what day it is and my inability to check my email accounts regularly even if my life depended on it made me miss what could have been one of the most memorable nights of my Writer Life. *enter melodramatic sigh here*

Lamentations aside, I'd like to offer my sincerest gratitude to the organizers and judges of the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards. I know none of the members of the committee personally and have extremely limited blogger friends so it was really a huge surprise to find out that the post won, especially against finalists of such high caliber, including those who have won multiple times in the past.

I still cannot believe that a prestigious award giving body has noticed my humble little brain child. It is such a privilege to be a part of your honor roll. A small part of me is even relieved that I wasn't able to accept the award personally and deliver my 2 minute speech because this blogger is still at a loss for words.

Again, THANK YOU Philippine Blog Awards for this awesome day that has yet to start. Please do continue spreading inspiration and distinction to an art form and advocacy many have yet to acknowledge. Blogging has really come a long way, but the road continues on and is filled with infinite possibilities. I hope to meet you guys along the way. 

Winners of the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards (Photo taken from here.)

Now, if only I could manage to watch a full recording of the awards ceremony, get my wooden carabao trophy and Photoshop myself to this picture, my blogging existence will be complete. ;)



Finalists, Best Single Post Category

Winners of the PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARDS 2011


Airina April said...

congratulations! that post was really a winner! :)

reigun decena said...

Whoa sayang dika nakapunta..isang malutong na congrats!!!

Gabriel Eric Majo Villanueva said...

Congratulations! We have the same situation, after one day ko na nalaman na finalist rin pala yung blog ko under Technology Category, nalungkot talaga ako nung late ko na nalaman yung invitation and ayun, di tuloy ako nakaattend. Ayun, I just dropped by to send my salute and greetings for your victory at the PBAs 2011 :) God Bless and More power!

Cha Kuris said...

Congratulations! It's nice to get recognition for your efforts talaga. =) Keep posting!

Clarriscent said...

THANK YOU! :) It feels absolutely amazing to be recognized by fellow blogger peers. :)

Teresa said...

i read your winning post. good story, heartfelt. i feel with you. i've seen what you've seen, even worse. but it's never enough to pity those poor women and take sides on an issue which obviously you know very little about. you could be used against your own kababayans, just like celebrities-for-RH who are fed half-truths they swallow blindly, and then make fools of themselves before those who know the TRUTH about RH. i wonder how old you are, but you can communicate. and more important, you do have compassion for the poor--it's the perfect combination qualifying you for the position of RH-pawn in this depopulation game. i hope you will also use your head to balance your heart. take care that you do not succumb to flattery--people will make a hero out of you. don't let petty victories convince you that you already know all there is to know about the RH controversy. listen to both sides, BE OPEN. READ, STUDY, ANALYZE, with the highest good as your goal. guard against those rich predators who regard the poor as statistics but not as human beings. they're after people like you, well-meaning, articulate, self-confident, but naive. you are just the kind they need to inflict on your own people a fate worse than death.

Anonymous said...

Call a spade a spade. The RH Bill is money. It is the smell of money going quietly to the pockets of TRUST INTERNATIONAL and company. I challenge you to look at the government bidding site and see, with your own eyes the millions of pesos going to condoms, abortifacient contraceptives and suction machines for first trimester abortion called manual vacuum aspirators. Now do a little homework if you are not too lazy to look up the TOP TEN CAUSE OF MORTALITY and TOP TEN CAUSE OF MORBIDITY and see the miniscule amounts for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, etc compared to the BILLIONS with a capital "B" going to RH. RH smells of money and corruption!

Clarriscent said...

@ Teresa:

I would like to thank you for reading my piece and taking time to comment about it. As for your points, here's what I have to say.

First of all, I do NOT pity those "poor women" I mentioned in my article because I do not consider myself as above them. I see them as perfectly capable women who could make their own decisions about their own bodies and lives if only given a CHANCE. I believe in the power of information and the decision making capabilities of our countrymen and I am confident that they are capable to decide what is right for their families, as influenced also by their OWN personal spiritual beliefs and value system.

You might think of me as naive, but I have listened to both sides, but unfortunately (to the anti-RH camp), all I've been hearing and reading are half-truths, exaggerated interpretations and twisted facts wrapped in the sanctimonious dome of the speaker's perceived "morality".

We all have our own beliefs and I acknowledge that. I am open to the points of both parties but until I hear proper reasoning without the cloud of self righteous interpretations of morals and selective facts designed to scare away those who are uninformed, my vote is still clear. :)

Clarriscent said...

@ Anonymous

Good day, thank for commenting! I think I tackled that aspect of the never ending argument about the RH Bill on this article.

If you have the time, please do read it. Thank you.

Albert Einstein☺ said...

wow congratulations for winning the best single post entry. hats off. BTW, followed yeah, hope you could follow mine too.
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Consultoria RH said...

Este blog é uma representação exata de competências. Eu gosto da sua recomendação. Um grande conceito que reflete os pensamentos do escritor. Consultoria RH

Clarriscent said...

@Consultoria RH

Google translated your comment to: "This blog is an exact representation of skills. I like your recommendation. A great concept that reflects the thoughts of the writer." THANK YOU! :)

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