Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcome to the new ORCHESTROSCOPY.

It features a shiny new layout, minus the clutter, the unbelievably small font and the swirly green stuff. I think it looks cleaner, fresher and more eye friendly than my previous template.

But wait, there's more!

If you comment right now, I'll throw in a couple of new widgets and a money making bar that will probably generate $.0001 per month. Ah forget it, I already did that.

The point is (wait, there's a point?), I want this piece of the web to be more professional looking than my previous ones. Obama knows I've had kilos and tons of blogs before but never did I try to write sensible posts than scribble a rant of what happened that day or even worse, copy a bulletin quiz from Friendster and repost it in my blog.

I'll really try to keep this one alive because it's prettier and has more pictures in it. Ha.

Sorry for the Valium induced post, it's late in the evening and my neurons are tired. Hopefully tomorrow they'll be all happy and doing the cartwheels again. For now, they're off to dreamland.


From this moment on, all expressions using the word GOD, LORD or any other religious references, I will replace with the name OBAMA.

Ex. "Oh my Obama!" and "For the love of Obama".

Because it's funnier that way. At least to me.


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