Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1. A large group of musicians whose members play a variety of different instruments
2. Also called: (orchestra pit) the space, in front of or under the stage, reserved for musicians in a theatre [Greek: the space in the theatre for the chorus]

Viewing; seeing; observation
[Greek -skopiā, from skopein, to see.]

I was trying to think of a blog name that would cover the two opposite genres' of Music and Nursing that is my life. Frighteningly enough, the first name that I thought of was Vital Symphony, a twist on a nursing task that us students could well have a Master's Degree on, Vital Signs or most commonly known as VS.

But after a day, I can't think of the name without cringing so I decided to change it into something less corny and more incomprehensible. I didn't know where to start at first then my mind wandered in to medical terminologies, most specifically Operating Room procedures where terms just sounds cooler no matter what it means. Colostomy, Nephrectomy... Laparoscopy... Endoscopy...

Then the orchestra part came in by the presence of this quote:

“For better or worse, you must play your own little instrument in the orchestra of life
-Dale Carnegie

Hence, the birth of ORCHESTROSCOPY, a small dot in the gigantic universe of the world wide web that will chronicle this blogger's appetite for writing and posting highly unconnected things including nursing, music, job hunts, poetry, food, piano pieces, opinions, made-up recipes, reviews and random daily experiences.

“Every person is important. It doesn't matter whether you play the violin, the flute, the cello, or the drums, you're still part of the orchestra.” - source unknown


Anonymous said...

this is my first time to visit your blog, and I really like it. I would like to commend you for coming up with this kind of blog. topics and discussions are very interesting. i'd like to participate, though, but I don't know how. nevertheless, keep blogging... its good to find something different. I like the idea of ORCHESTROSCOPY.

Clarriscent said...


Hi there! Thank you so much for spending time reading my blog. I appreciate all the compliments, but as of this time, the only way you can participate is through commenting on my posts. :) Although I don't post every other aspect of my life in this is actually a personal blog. Maybe I can try to have guest writers in the future, but for the meantime, you're free to read and join in the conversation as much as you like. Thanks again! Cheers! :)

ashi-na said...

My first time to visit your blog. I like the idea of ORCHESTROSCOPY which is really unique and yes its totally awesome...keep on blogging and relate it more on true to life events, love, fashions, etc. People love to read topics and discussions which they may feel like there had been on that situations and your blog is perfect for that...It's quiet amazing that your blog is really an aid to make the readers realize their own thoughts and beliefs in life..more power to your blog. Rating of 5 out of 5

Clarriscent said...

Thank you for those kind words! Glad you enjoyed your stay here. :)

eira is the game. rose is the name. said...

Your blog gives me a ray of light whenever I am lost looking for my muse in the darkness of night.

You are an inspiration for blog writing.

Thanks and keep it up.

Clarriscent said...


Wow thank you for the compliment! Vomiting rainbows right now. :D Keep writing and blogging. You're doing the world a favor, believe me. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

This is one great blog. I wish you can post more about yourself. =) You give me inspiration to pursue my blogging habit (that's quite ignored for a long time already).

Clarriscent said...


Your comment got actually got me thinking. It is a fact that I don't usually post about myself, where I've been, what I did the day before. But what I do share about is my thoughts and opinions on things and I think that says more about myself than the things I bought the other weekend. :)) I'd like to thank you for the multiple comments you've left. It's heartwarming to know that my works are being read and appreciated. Please do pursue blogging. It's a rewarding experience to share your thoughts and experiences to the world and have them do the same. :) will be dropping by your blog after this post, I'm sure it's awesome! Thanks again!

eva balajadia said...

coming up with a blog name, "orchestroscopy" was creative and genius. music and nursing may just be perfect. i may not be into music and i don't have the vocal cords for it but, i love to read and browse more of your blog. i am a newbie in blogging. i'm browsing around to get more ideas as well. this nursing blog is great. keep it up.

Clarriscent said...

@eva balajadia

Thank you for those kind words. I've also visited your site, I love the funny drawings. Blogging and nursing (and the health care field in general) do mix really well, in a way, because we are treated to first row seats on human complexity (physical, mental, emotional and all in between) and the twists and turns of life as we know it. The profession can be tiring and stressful, but it sure is never boring. :)

The Soliloquist said...

This blog is awesome. It's been a while since Ive been visiting. It's just now that I have managed to leave a comment. For I didn't have a mine yet when I started reading this. XD blog blog blog!

Clarriscent said...

@The Soliloquist

Thank you! Good to know this blog still has readers despite its AWOL status most of the time. Blog blog blog it is! :)

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