Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yesterday could be considered as one of the most memorable days of a nurse's life. And it was indeed a very special occasion for all of us who have managed to battle the odds and survive the battlefield with our coat of armor still intact. Though the war still rages on, with the unemployment rate of registered nurses skyrocketing to record breaking figures, it's nice to leave all the drama and chaos even for just a while and marvel in the fact that, hey, we now have the right and the privilege to put those nice little letters R.N. after our names.

Bona fide Tamaraw Nurses unite once again for probably the last time *sniff* as these newly registered nurses take part in a once in a lifetime ceremony with various colleges and universities, their respective Deans and the Board of Nursing (BON) themselves in attendance.

Amidst the thousands of RNs clad in all white and the sea of green striped caps that depicts the pride of FEU-IN it's nice to attend an event which actually felt just like our Pinning Ceremony last April. Everywhere you look there's a schoolmate and fellow board passer in view.

I felt goosebumps every time realization strikes in that this could be the final time our batch will be all in one roof. Though massive our size, our memories will always have the same buildings, places, teachers and motivators which has helped us achieve what we are today. And even though it's impossible for anyone to know everyone personally, family is what we'll always be.

Now, enough about the drama and let's get on with the hilarity. Oath taking ceremonies are generally a serene and a spiritual event, but there are things that happened and / or overheard that just cracked me up and it would be a shame to not share it with the world. So, here are my Top 5 things heard before, during and after the said momentous event.

Top 5 Quotable Quotes Heard at the June 2009 Oath Taking Ceremony

#5 "I think that's enough.... to stuff all the hospitals in the Philippines." A BON member was tasked to introduce each school present in the convention center. When FEU was called, all 1,300+ board passers stood up, clapped and cheered (loudly) for our Alma Mater, way longer and noisier than any other schools called. When we heard the first part of the statement, we all thought that we were being reprimanded for being too unruly and disorderly for the supposed to be sanctimonious (a.k.a boring) ceremony. Every tamaraw in the hall exhaled a sigh of relief after realizing that the board member was just casually commenting on how many we were. Whew!

#4 "Sila ba yung honor guards na tumayo sa libing ni Cory?" said my friend looking at the Colour Cadets (or whatever they're called) standing at the back of the hall. We were in line to take pictures with them when she suddenly blurted out this amusing observation. Turns out, they were just officers from Adamson University.

#3 "Ui (enter friend's name here)! PICTURE!!"

#2 "Gutom nako..."

and the No.1 Quotable Quote heard at the June 2009 Oath Taking Ceremony is...

#1 "ASAN KAYO???"

How I wish we could all do this over again. Though the program only lasted for more or less 3 hours long, I know that the memories of it all will last forever. :)


manik_reigun said...

waw, astig!naalala ko yung oathtaking namin. it was never like any ceremony ever. being part of the '06 batch, rush ang aming ceremony. at pirma lang ng name sa papel na parang attendance na pinasa-pasa. ni walang gustong magtake ng pic sa min nun! baka ma-tro pa. haha kabaliw

Clarrise, RN said...

wah bakit? june 06? leakage exam right? aww how sad... at least in the end RN pa din tayong lahat.. :D

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