Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Upon reading this book, I felt that Nicholas Sparks wanted to venture out into the ever-so-popular (a.k.a) cliche world of teen romance. My intuition was further proven as the truth when I found out that, in the legacy of The Notebook and A Walk to Remember, a movie version of this book is about to be released soon.

Starring Miley Cyrus.

Now, if that doesn't prove my point, I don't know what will.

His other novels have had mature characters and stories with depth. This has none of it. But don't get me wrong, reading it was not exactly a waste of time. The plot just felt a little too childish and outright predictable for my taste. If it wasn't for some great supporting characters (the Dad, younger brother Jamie), it would have been a dreadful read.

However, in true Nicholas Sparks's fashion, the ending was a tearjerker and as with everything connected with death and dying, it did manage to expel a few mists from my lacrimal glands. Of course it didn't matter if I had foreseen the plot conclusion miles away, the characters felt bad and so did I.

End Rant: With this novel, I realized that I hate Miley Cyrus am over the whole hormone-induced teen love plot lines. They tend to be cheesy and irritating and I kept seeing various Disney stars portraying the characters in my head. I just hope his other works don't disappoint me as I have downloaded quite a few of them. I doubt they will, though. Oh crap, hello Old Age.


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