Friday, January 15, 2010

After reading threads after threads of raves and praises about the epicness of this once-in-a-lifetime-movie-you-should-dare-not-miss, I had pretty high expectations as we claimed our free sodas and headed to the D-Cinema at SM Megamall. 3D screening + 3D glasses + free soda for 250 php/person, not a bad deal considering we braced for a more expensive fee. We made it a point to watch the movie on a weekday, in the middle of the day to avoid lines and crowds, and did we avoid them. There were less than 30 people in the cinema in the at the 12:15nn showing. It was hilarious, creepier actually.

So how was it watching a 3D feature at the Mega? And most importantly, how was the movie?

The Cinema et. al.:
  • First of all, I was disappointed on the 3D glasses they gave to us. The "lenses" on mine were smudged with unidentified prints of mystery and I couldn't wipe them off with a tissue paper. I had to get used to a portion of my vision getting blocked by tiny specks of irritants.
  • I would have opted to sit closer to the screen but since they were occupied already, we settled for a distance which I thought made the screen look smaller than it should, especially with 3D animation on. Some of the details were lost due to the size of the screen. I wish to watch this on IMAX soon.
  • The image quality of the screen and the sounds were average to above average. I just hoped that since the 3D glasses were a bit tinted, they should have brightened up the projection so that the colors would look more vibrant with the lenses on.
  • The cinema chairs were interesting. I thought they would sway and turn to the beat but they merely vibrated in sync with action packed scenes. But it was a nifty feature nonetheless.
  • With all the complaints, don't be misled, I did enjoy the movie and relished the experience with the one I love. *wink*
  • Where do I begin? The movie was all it was hyped up to be. I loved every minute of it. The 2 hours, 45 minutes run time of the film filled up my bladder faster than I would've liked as I had to take a quick run to the toilets, I almost didn't go for fear of missing something spectacular.
  • I thought it brought a refreshing twist to the common storyline of extraterrestrial creatures wreaking havoc and invading our planet. We are the greedy, power-hungry evil aliens this time and that other world is at our mercy.
  • Yes, the story is Pocahontas meets The Smurfs meets Transformers meets Galactica. But it's more than that and James Cameron can certainly engross his audience to the world he has created. Pandora was breathtaking. And again with my IMAX wish. :)
  • Aside from the exquisite graphics and cinematography, I liked the fact that the movie talked about major issues in our society and displayed visual moral teachings on what would happen if humans went too far. Love Mother Nature, yes to interracial/interspecies relationships, believe in God, take care of the planet and many more suble and not to suble lessons to be learned. V.nice.
  • The story may not be the most original of all but it hardly mattered when your senses are bombarded with pleasant and exciting stimuli all through out the film's run time. 

End Rant: And yes, I think after finally watching the movies, my comments are going to be in one with those in the threads after threads of raves and praises about the epicness of this once-in-a-lifetime-movie-you-should-dare-not-miss.


reigun said...

true. i loved the idea of creating "democratic policies" with a foreign land, and when things go awry, war is unleashed, all for a hidden agenda.

(which James Cameron said was inspired by big U.S. of A. style of "policies")

overall, superb movie, glad you enjoyed it!
(as for the 3d glasses, tsktsk)

Clarrise said...

I hope film makers create more movies like Avatar. More movies with hearts and lessons to be inculcated thereafter. Nay to mindless violence that does nothing to the mind but give its audience a headache.

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