Monday, March 8, 2010

Avatar had set the bar quite high for 3D films, and it's no wonder that Alice in Wonderland, being the first movie to be released after James Cameron's runaway hit, has big shoes to fill. Unfortunately, Tim Burton did not quite made it that high up the success ladder. At least as far as this blogger is concerned.

The animation and the 3D graphics was fine, I must say. Wonderland was pleasantly dark and creepy and its inhabitants amusingly bizarre. The film's visual prowess did not measure up to Avatar's other worldly scenes but it was nonetheless pleasing to the eyes. I actually enjoyed the 3D aspect of the movie much better than Avatar probably because we got to sit closer to the screen this time.

I think the problem lies with the cast, most specifically its lead character. Alice may have believed that everything is just a dream but that is not an excuse to act all zombified and detached the whole movie. Her portrayal of the character did not feel like the heroine that it was supposed to be. I thought her performance of such a vital role dragged the movie down.

However, as expected, Johnny Depp was amazing in his role as the Mad Hatter as he is with his previous roles playing weird characters like Captain Jack Sparrow and that Chocolate Factory Guys. But the best performer award, I think, should go to the Red Queen for being the best big headed dictator I had the pleasure of seeing in recent times. She was intimidating and comical at the same time and it was always refreshing to see her on screen as compared to the lead Alice who I got bored watching.

Overall, the movie is bound to be entertaining to the general population. Although, I don't think it's the kind of masterpiece one would remember after leaving the cool interior of the cinema. It was good while it lasted. Just don't expected it to touch hearts, elicit tear duct response and change the world entire.

Rating: ♥♥♥/5


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