Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last Thursday, I stopped over a mall on my way home to grab a Watermelon shake from the nearest Frutas stand I could find to because I was in the verge of convulsing from the blistering heat of the tanghaling tapat sun.  I was surprised to see the presidential-candidates-cartoon-driven posters of Frutas supporting a juicy election or whatever it is they're trying to uphold. I was amused by the drawings but thought it was a limited edition cups and my shake wouldn't be in one but I was pleasantly surprised to see Chinese-looking Green Gibo containing my Watermelon refreshment.

I thought the caricatures were pretty cute especially Erap who looks like an old baby. Gibo's way too Oriental, Noynoy's decent with his perpetual "L" sign which a lot of people (especially not from the country) may associated with the universal sign of "Loser" and Villar is nauseatingly Orange. Hate Orange.

The lack of the other candidates cups were obvious from the start, especially Gordon being kicked out of the list of the front runners of the race.

But look, 711 has their version too. And yes, the Transformer people are probably jumping for joy, although Villanueva's 5 Million worshippers are still probably shaking their heads.

I know there are more than 5 candidates for presidency, but let's face it, these are the people who has more than 20 percent chance of winning the election. As for who I am going to vote for, am still stuck contemplating between Aquino and Gordon. Gibo must first break free from the administration to get my vote. Estrada should wake himself from his drunken stupor and slurred speech first before running for office and Villar should live, together with his kin, sa Dagat ng Basura and never bother us again.

As for the other candidates... who are they again?


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