Friday, March 26, 2010

When I first heard of a game involving planting various kinds of greenery to ward off brain-eating monsters, I thought it was a time-wasting endeavor only for children with half-formed cognitive abilities a wide definition of the word "fun".

I now fully admit that I had made a mistake.

Within three days of playing the game via a downloaded copy of the program from the Internet, I finished all the levels in the Adventure section and was still hungry for more.

For some reason, the strategic demands of the game stimulated more neurons that I ever thought it could. There is something about the different kinds of plants with their corresponding powers that kept the game interesting and repeatable for many rounds in the future. The different species of the feared, yet oftentimes comical, Creatures of Doom made it more challenging to players of all ages.

Lastly, like a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae, the hilarious music video of a Sunflower singing a catchy original song about, what else, plants and zombies made me laugh out loud like it was the Harapan Vice-Presidential Debate all over again. I was so amused by the video that I felt like all those wasted time in front of the computer playing the game was all worth it.

And good news, you don't have to battle forces of the undead to watch said video. In fact, I have it right here.

Ain't that grand?
Keep those Sunflowers blooming. :)


kha said...

am also currently addicted to this!It's so hard to win 5 flags on mini games..:)

Clarrise said...

My secrets are double headed sunflowers and wallnut plus all the upgrade items you buy from the store. They can never go wrong. :)

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