Thursday, April 29, 2010

And suddenly, after ages of wreaking havoc to the world of grammar, communication, education and mental stability of people reading their profiles and messages, somebody finally formulated a name to call them by.

The terms Jejemon, Jejenism, Jejetyping and Jejebusters spread like wildfire, starting from social networking sites to respectable newspapers catering the country and now even to mainstream media. If I had known that a simple name could potentially end this unabashed murder of the written language, then I would have invented one myself years ago.

I want to make it clear that I don't judge those people that practice the "Jeje-language", but I do detest reading sentences (if you can still call it that) made up of incomprehensible words in alternating upper and lower case letters. I don't see the point, the reason, the purpose of typing in such a way that will make the message harder to understand. Don't they realize that adding extra letters makes said word utterly ridiculous to pronounce and makes the writer look just as laughable?

I think this fad is making a mockery of our nation's education. More often than not, the altered form of words in Jejetyping is a brilliant excuse for the writer's lack of knowledge on proper spelling and syntax. The advent of text messaging brought a lethal blow to people's writing etiquette (which is understandable because you only have a limited number of characters to work with when sending a text message), but let's not make this virulent disease spread to all forms of society, infesting the young and gullible minds of our country's future.

However, I think some people with Grammar-Superiority-Syndrome has taken the fight against Jejenism a bit to the extreme, to the point of cursing and wishing all Jejemons suffer a long and excruciating death, not knowing that they're acting like total fools themselves. Have a bit of class people. The nationwide hysteria surrounding this phenomenon is enough to send to Jejecreatures the message that what they are doing should be avoided in soonest possible time.

Also, I believe people should not make this problem worse by incorporating other issues like social inequality and discrimination to the mix. (If you visit the original Jejemon page in, there is an added definition of the term that does this.) No need for a snowball fight that would later end up widening the divide between the different social classes in our country.

I do hope that this would be the end of this Dark Era. With the amount of publicity and ridicule Jejemons are getting, I don't think many people will be attracted in using Jejelanguage as their primary way of written communication. And maybe, that is the point.

And to think it all started with just a name.


stella said...

i swear, jejemons were annoying at some times, few can tolerate their grammar.

Clarriscent said...

I think only jejemon themselves can appreciate their own language. So far, I would really like this "fad" to die a gruesome death. Lol.

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