Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just because you will vote for Bro. Eddie Villanueva does NOT necessarily mean you are RELIGIOUS.

Just because you will vote for Dick Gordon does NOT certainly mean you are INDIVIDUALISTIC.

Just because you will vote for Manny Villar does NOT essentially mean you are GULLIBLE.

Just because you will vote for Gibo Teodoro does NOT automatically mean you are INTELLECTUAL.

Just because you will vote for Noynoy Aquino does NOT infallibly mean you are EMOTIONAL.

My point is this: 

Let us not judge / label others by who they are going to vote for this May 10. I've seen numerous debates in Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other message bulletins that eventually lead to nowhere. Debating about politics is like debating about religion. There will never be a winning party in the discussion. Everyone has their own opinion that they will defend 'till their CPUs overheat and the keyboard gives.

So, let's just stay still and practice our right to vote at the day of the elections. If bashing cannot be avoided, then point them to the candidates themselves and not to the people that support the candidate. The thing I hate  the most are self-righteous individuals personally attacking each other because they don't agree with the choice of other people.

It's less than two weeks before the big day. I can almost feel the crowd and the confusion that will no doubt accompany the day of the 2010 Elections. I'm not going to do a countdown, though. I have no doubts that political chaos could ensue well after May 10. Oh well, at least it makes the news programs more entertaining to watch. :)

Just because you will vote for Erap Estrada does not necessarily mean.... oh forget it.


Dangsulaeman said...

I am just a new blogger .. look at your blog / website have someone else .. I think your blog is very nice and informative


Clarriscent said...

Thank you..

reyjr said...

Very insightful. :) This is what democracy should be about. Haha.

Clarriscent said...

Thanks so much! My sentiments exactly. Thanks for reading and commenting! :))

Carmen Araneta said...

Hey, good writing. Thanks for the adjectives that describe each candidate. Fits to a tee. What about Erap? Yes, let's forget him.

Clarriscent said...

Thanks. Lol. Of all the candidates, it would be a shame if Erap would win. Impeach a president then reelect him again. Ridiculous.

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