Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cheers to my first Filipino movie review. Everyone knows I'm not fond of local movies, mainly because most of them share the same predictable plot line, generic eccentric characters and goofy sense of humor.  However, it turns out that once in a blue moon, the Philippine cinema can produce a top notch romantic comedy without the usual boy-meets-girl fluff we are all sick of.

It's a breath of fresh air that One More Chance centers around non-stereotypical characters who are neither abnormally wacky or depressingly serious. They are characters you can relate to battling conflicts that could happen to everyone. Maybe this is why this film is one of the best loved romantic movies of the generation. A lot of flicks have come and disappeared without a trace but this one managed to solidify its mark in the Philippine cinema.

Another thing I liked about this movie is that its plot did not follow the usual Pinoy routine of having the would-be couple take on 'hilarious' mini-fights before getting together, have this predicatable break-up in the middle of the movie and extravagant (read: unrealistic) proposals of undying love just before the credits roll. The story is original as it is lifelike and it did not need common shenanigans to appeal to the masses. The story and the characters are enough to hold the movie together and leave its impression on its audience.

All in all, although the film centers around a theme not considered as serious as poverty or drug addiction, I can honestly say that this movie is something the local community can be proud of and will be loved by many in the years to come.

Unfortunately, like all local movies, the trailer gives the ENTIRE plot away that you only have to watch the ending to know what happened. But for those who still want to watch the 1 hour and a half version and are looking for a link where they can watch the whole movie online, I've found what you are looking for.

Let the tears and tissues roll...


SongDiary said...

I also remember this is the second movie I liked next to Anak which I've seen years ago. Like you, I seldom watch movies. Nice Review, I agree with you!

Clarriscent said...

@SongDiary: Thank you! For a pinoy romance movie, this film is definitely in a league of its own. Others do not even compare.

Anonymous said...


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