Monday, August 16, 2010

Our sophomore week was supposed to be spent monitoring Vital Signs, I & O, doing bedside care, sample chartings etc. But instead, in a twist of fate I still cannot explain but am eternally grateful for, we were thrust into the world of stage productions for an inter-department competition for the 57th Anniversary of QMMC. So instead of spending 8 hours in the ward in our clinical uniforms, our practices served as our duty hours and we were allowed to show up in civilian clothes to sing and dance all day long complete with free lunch and snacks. How fantastic was that?

Friday the 13th was the big day and although we didn't win and there were more than a few mishaps along the way, I still consider that day one of the best I've spent in the hospital. After the program, there were free food and a mini party people celebration thing in store for the employees and some lucky nursing students but we already left because we got a celebration of our own to do somewhere else. Two weeks in and I already got unforgettable moments locked up inside my brain and in Facebook albums. Wonderful.

Let me wrap this post up before this sounds like a reflection paper for a clinical rotation. Just one more thing, if somebody is doing an amateur production of Rent or Spring Awakening and is in need of extras or whatever, call me! I think I'm discovering a hidden passion for theatre arts.


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