Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Sandali na lang, maaari bang pagbigyan
Aalis na nga, maari bang hawakan ang iyong mga kamay
Sana ay maabot ang langit, ang iyong mga ngiti
Sana ay masilip..."

There's something about Original Pinoy Music that just hits closer to home. And although I loathe Regine Velasquez's vocal range (especially the higher ones that she keeps showing off) and repetitive ballads that the industry is so keen on producing, I am quite fond of local bands who write and perform their own music and don't feel compelled to put on inhuman high notes on their songs.

That said, Torete is a song about love that can't be expressed nor spoken about. The lyrics are vague at best but what I like about this song is it's simple melody and the chill out air it gives off. Since the song is best played using a guitar, I think it's quite interesting and fortunate that I was able to transfer those strums to the keyboard. I certainly did not expect to finish the whole thing.

I tried to stay faithful to the original tone of the song and didn't romanticize it with arpeggios and extra notes. I hope to be able to transcribe other songs as well, mostly singles which are not made for the piano. 

Sorry for the weird camera angle and static-y audio, I'll try to work those out with upcoming recordings. :)


Anonymous said...

Sir sir! Parequest nmn ng sheet music! Please!!! Galing po ng pag transcribe nyo eh :DD Idol! pa email po dto

Clarriscent said...

It's "Ate", not "sir". :) I'm sorry but I don't have a sheet music for the piece. All I have are chords directly taken from the Internet. The chords I've based the arrangement on is in the key of D. You can search for them online then use the vid as a guide. Hope this helps. :)

Anonymous said...

Mahilig lang po tlga ko mag sir :))
Grrrr galing mo po! kainis! Haha :)

Sge try ko na lang ung chords sa net.

Clarriscent said...


Thanks again! And goodluck,kaya mo rin yan! :)

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