Thursday, March 10, 2011

Airing one of the best Glee episodes yet, theme-wise, the Gweneth Paltrow induced episode entitled "Sexy" tackled on the highly debated topic (at least here in the country) of sex education in schools. In case you did not catch the episode or have no idea what Glee is about, here's a rough sypnosis of what happened:

Overly conservative and obsessive compulsive Emma (CBCP) is appalled by the rampant sexual activity in the school and decides to moderate a Celibacy Club to the disagreement of return substitute teacher turned Sex Ed guru, Holly (RH Bill). She thinks that the kids in the school are horribly ignorant about important matters like sex and sexuality and should be educated for their own good.

HOLLY (RH Bill): We got to shake things up, you know information is power... We got to educate these kids.
EMMA (CBCP): I strongly disagree. I don't think we should barrage these kids with graphic information they're kids. I don't wanna steal their innocence.

HOLLY (RH Bill): Are you like some kind of some crazy Pope Lady? Think about the images these kids are exposed to. I mean think about what they have access to.

EMMA (CBCP): That doesn't make it okay! We shouldn't change the message that they get from us that this is serious stuff which is not for kids and is not for adults! (Wait, what?)

HOLLY (RH Bill): Okay, well, I think that's a bit naive. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to have some CRAZY sex because I'm CRAZY informed about it. Kidding!

Personally, I think the last line is hilarious and absolutely captures what we supporters of the passing of the RH Bill have been saying all along. Just because a person is "CRAZY INFORMED" about it does not mean one will go out of one's way just to have sex. And take note, I don't think the lesson plan for the Sex Ed classes will consist of Top 10 Best Positions to do the deed. And even so, I believe in the integrity and decision-making capabilities of today's teens that I think most of them will make the right decision given the information and facts that they are presented with. I am mortified by the way these conservatives look at the intelligence of the Filipino public.

Plus, it's better to be well-informed than to (like clueless Emma here) think that the song "Afternoon Delight" is about desserts.

Moving on, I liked how the episode tackled on less talked about topics like the parents' role in educating his/her own child with regards to sexual matters and responsibility, the non-existence of sex education for homosexuals and the coming out of a lesbian in love with her best friend.

Admittedly, the plot isn't that thick and the musical numbers felt quite forced but it really is worth mentioning how truly the episode mimics real life despite the comic banters and exaggerated plot arcs. The situation of gays and lesbians in school especially the teens, the ignorance and the need for information dissemination and the contradicting opinions of grown ups in charge of running things is quite all too familiar with today's society.


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