Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Broadcasting live from Manila, Philippines, from the Smart Bro studios, it's Good Times with Mo: The Podcast."

From the introduction line "From matters of the heart, to all your juicy parts, anything goes, coz Mo knows..." delivered by a female bedroom voice, you could easily tell that this podcast will be unlike any other talk show you've heard from our local radio stations before, with all the censorship limitations of  public  broadcast industry and all. It can even give Papa Jack's racy but often coded love advice show on Love Radio 90.7 a run for its money.

Airing live via Ustream Mondays to Fridays since January 2011 with a celebrity guest almost every night, this podcast starring DJ Mo Twister and resident physician Doc Gan has easily been a favorite among radio talk show listeners and nocturnal netizens (including me), not only in the Philippines but also around the globe.

Unlike radio, however, the great thing about podcasting is that the episodes survive the test of time. All the sessions are downloadable via iTunes or from the web for everybody's listening pleasure.  And hey, it's free! I personally prefer picking out favorite episodes and listening via my iPod Touch mainly because I can scrub through the advertisements to save time.

Aside from the lack of censorship and regulating body (anybody on the show can literally say whatever he/she wants without worrying about MTRCB or whoever breathing down their neck) another great thing that I just absolutely adore is that how it unveils a different side of the guest celebrities that we had no idea they have.

Case in point, I never thought Kuya Kim, Pia Guanio or even an institution like Lea Salonga could put down their celebrity walls for two hours and give life/love/sex advice for the problems of normal everyday citizens.

Yes, some of the topics are about sex and lust and for the conservative/religious type, it can be considered as inappropriate depending on one's personal sex talk tolerance, but I like how our very own Lea Salonga put it: It's not like what they are doing is porn. Let's not be hypocrites here, most if not all the time, the topics being discussed are valid and important issues present in everybody's life.

And with equally amusing on-the-side characters like Intern Miguel, Producer Pat replying "Yes, Mo?" always with the same bored what-the-hell-do-you-want tone and even Bikini Girl who handles international Skype calls in a different bikini every night, I have high hopes for this one-of-a-kind (at least here in the country's shores) online talk program.

Lastly, I applaud this breakthrough in a technology and medium of broadcasting still not that popular here in our nation. Podcasts has been available for years now and yet, I think this is the first time it has exploded to nationwide appeal. I would definitely classify that as great news.

Good times. :)


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Raul-kun said...

definitely the best podcast in Philippines :D

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