Monday, March 28, 2011

Once upon a time, (March 12, 2011 if you want to be precise) there was a 6-year-old boy, who was a contestant in this evening variety show. After a brief interview, he was made to show his 'talent'. The audience soon found out that the 'talent' was in the form of gyrating like a male prostitute to the beat of  bass-filled jeepney rap music

But what caught the people's attention most, aside from the peculiar choice of dance itself, was the tears slowly trickling out of the boy's eyes. To put it in a nutshell, the boy looked distressed and as the host and the audience laughed like hyenas at his repetitive lewd actions while an aunt excitedly clapped in the background, the expression stayed in his face for the more than 10 minutes that he was put on the spotlight.

The scene angered many netizens who saw the video on YouTube, and with the help of social media, within less than a week, DSWD and MTRCB was put in the situation, forcing an explanation from the Willing Willie camp (aired today) featuring his parents who was brimming with pride.

Wait, what?

I was hoping I was not watching the public apology scene correctly, but my eyes were definitely not trying to fool me. Both parents were present as Willie Revillame tried to salvage what's left of his credibility as a human being and as the interview progressed, one could see how absolutely delighted the father was with all the (bad) publicity his offspring is generating. He then proceeded on recounting stories on how he just wanted his son to be famous so that their family could live a better life. Back to the old Poverty Route. Fantastic.

Words could not express how disappointed I am to see what has become of our society as a supposedly morally uptight country. As bishops and priests fight against condoms in an attempt to preserve morality, ordinary citizens laugh at sexually motivated dances inappropriately performed by a child live in national television, worse, with the consent of his parents. I could not fathom how thousands of people find this act funny. I find it shocking at how the public's intellect has stooped so low in this current generation.

The mere fact that the act was made with the parents / relatives / whole kin's consent still does not make it right. Add to that the fact that the ten thousand pesos that they got from making a fool out of their child and themselves in front of the whole thinking public was spent on a Playstation (GMA News) / MP4 (told by Jan Jan himself) and a bike did not make matters easier to justify. Gee, I thought they had MORE important things to spend the money on, i.e. education.

I surrender. I can't make heads or tails regarding what goes on in the minds of some of our citizens to choose to laugh at the questionable instances in free Phlippine TV, especially involving a child and unfit parents.

Please watch this video and tell me what, in your point of view, has our society become?


Novell said...

It's sad but the message TV5 and this show are sending to the masses is this : "it's okay to be poor, because there is Willie".

Wallace Wattles says, charity doesn't help alleviate poverty, it teaches people to be lazy.

Clarriscent said...


True. I've never really liked how these variety shows (not just those featuring Willie Revillame) unintentionally give off the message that they do what they do FOR the poor and how much of a good force they are in the world for distributing money. It just teaches people to rely on these shows and not WORK for the money and the good future that they're dreaming off.

I think Bayani Agbayani said this on Talentadong Pinoy and it's fantastic, really, coming from a comedian not that known for his opinions. It goes something like this (I'm paraphrasing): "Walang mahirap na tao kung walang tamad sa mundo."

Or, you know, something like that, you get the gist. The point is, the poor don't need to tell sad stories on how life is so hard in their shoes. They have EVERY POWER, EVERY OPPORTUNITY to raise themselves from their current state. It's not going to be easy but it sure doesn't start from joining mindless contests.

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