Friday, October 29, 2010

Everybody, welcome my new Gadget Baby, Mr. Lenovo Ideapad Z460, the latest addition to my gadget addiction. I think his foster siblings, iPod Touch, Sony Cybercam and Samsung Ultratouch mobile will not be pleased. Definitely, this is the apple of my eye at the moment. But despite the sibling rivalry, I expect them to work harmoniously together.

We were supposed to buy this model's smaller 13.3", Intel Core i3, non-video card sister (Z360) but due to their less than 2k price difference and my surprising savings on software installation, we decided to go for the big brother.
IdeaPad Z460 Specifications

Intel® Core™ i5 Processor 460M
(2.53GHz up to 2.8GHz / 1066 MHz / 3MB L3 Cache)
Operating system
2048MB (1x2048) DDR3
Hard drive
Optical device
DVD SuperMulti
Nvidia GeForce 310M DDR3 1G
Display type
LAN,Lenovo b/g/n,Bluetooth,HDMI
Integrated Camera
1.3MP Camera
2.0 Dolby
Veriface (Face Recognition Technology), One Key Rescue System
Media card reader
5-in-1 card reader
6 cell
1 Year Parts & Labour

Right now, I am loving the chiclet keyboard. It's so easy to type in and I did notice a significant increase in my speed. Makes me want to write more blog posts, stories et. al. just to be able to type on it. I also adore Windows 7. After almost a decade on XP, I am ready for a change.

As for the things that did not come with the notebook, I bought a cheap mouse and this pretty circular mouse pad I saw on Electronics Boutique. If you can't figure it out from the picture, it has words on it like Create, Begin, Think, Dream and I thought how fitting it was since I plan to use the laptop for precisely just that. And, not to mention, how my Lenovo is aptly named IDEApad. Chills.

Honestly, one of the main reasons why I've always wanted to have a laptop is to be able to write, surf the web and just do my business without somebody breathing over my neck and looking at the screen, which proved impossible with a family shared desktop computer. I don't really need great specs for office applications but it sure doesn't hurt to have them, especially if I plan to use and love this laptop for a long while.

See, I do love gadgets and buy rather brand consciously but I do take care of them and rarely, if ever, abandon them. I actually develop a kind of fondness over my electronic companions and am not the kind of person who changes phones every year just to get the newest release.

That said, I feel so content right now, like I have everything I ever wanted (object-wise) I have nothing to wish for this Christmas except love and peace and safety and good health and all those cliches. Wow, thank you for this wonderful life. :)


ludasca said...

Thanks for this post - I'm thinking of purchasing this one, too but after seeing a demo of Macbook pro I'm thinking of saving up some more to get the latter.

How's Lenovo Z460 in terms of multi-tasking between online and offline applications?

Clarriscent said...

@Ludasca: Well, when it comes to laptops, Apple is definitely in a league of its own. But for PC users like me, this notebook is a great buy (pretty darn affordable by Lenovo standards). So far, I have not experienced any lags or problems with mine. Launching heavy applications is not a problem even if numerous ones (both online and offline programs) are already open. Good luck finding your perfect laptop!

shaune said...

how much did you get it for back then & how's the performance so far?

Clarriscent said...


October 2010 - I got it for about 36k if I remember correctly. I suppose it's much cheaper nowadays. Considering the specs (Intel i5!) I consider this a bargain. :)

sultanaosk said...

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