Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our second day was supposed to be spent getting our inner kids on at Universal Studios Singapore. But due to passport mishaps, we were still waiting for the arrival of my aunt. Hence, our free day (which was supposed to be our last day so we can shop for souvenirs and other things to take back home) was moved on this day. So due to the pretty pictures in the brochure, we went to Marina Bay Sands Shoppes to see what the fuss was all about.

After looking like an idiot in front of the MRT machines and then listening to a very helpful guide who probably saw us looking abnormally confused, we took the train to Marina Bay station where we rode a bus to get to the next stop in front of this magnificent structure.

There I found out that the Shoppes were located in front of the hotel (those 3 enormous structures), and not exactly inside it. Also, we have to pay S$20 to be able to go up the famed Sky Park (the boat shaped thing on top of the 3 towers). We debated on whether to go up already, wait for my aunt who was going to arrive later that afternoon or just leave and look for another place to take pictures in. I didn't want to go up because it was still hot outside but I also didn't want to have to go back the second time just to go up the park because we were already there.

Marina Bay Sands Shoppes Venetian-looking river.
Needless to say, we ended our discussion with the famous 'bahala na' expression and found ourselves a bus that will take us to Bugis Street where we were planning to buy keychains and stuff to give to relatives and friends expectantly waiting back home.

It was everything I thought it would be. A shopping section where everything was cheap and without signature brand tags. Amazingly, even with the market-like surroundings, it was still surprisingly clean. Divisoria meets MMDA, my kind of place.

We bought key chains and hair trinkets for 3 for S$10. Still pricey for Php standards. I bought a bag for myself for S$10 (Php 330) then, after coming back here, thought I would not spend P250 on a same looking hand bag. It turned out, everything was more expensive in Singapore. Or maybe it's just everything is unknowingly cheap here. I'm not sure.

After roaming around for more than an hour, I got a text from my aunt saying she was already boarding the plane and will arrive after 3 hours. My mom decided to head back to our hotel so she can rest (again) before we head back out again, hopefully reunited with my aunt.

5 hours later after a slight confusion about flight numbers and airline schedules, we were back at Marina Bay Sands, this time with one added family member. The hotel interior was breathtaking by the way. We had to pass by the grand lobby to get to the ticketing office for the Sky Park. There we paid S$20 (roughly Php600) to ride an elevator to the topmost floor where we were greeted with the marvelous view of Singapore. 

Of us 4, I was the only one sane enough to approach the outer railings of the ship-like structure. Obviously, it was perfectly safe, but for some reason, the geriatric half of our group developed a case of wobbly knees. I had stomach aches laughing at them and they had fun laughing at themselves. Those tickets were definitely worth the money.

On top of Marina Bay Sands (SkyPark)
Infinity Pool for hotel guests only.
After countless picture takings, including in front of the infinity pool to die for, we went back down, had our dinner then head back to our hotel. Our 3rd day will include the Sentosa tour. Hmm, how to bring home a Merlion?


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