Thursday, October 28, 2010

There is something about amusement parks that just make me forget that I'm 20-year-old something registered nurse who is supposed to be concerned with serious career enhancing stuff and the impact of nurse migration to the state of our country's health care system. One look at the extravagant, set designs and that larger than life foggy globe thing and, once again, I was like a chocolate lover in Johnny Depp's midget-operated factory.

The trip to Universal Studios was supposed to be on the 2nd day of our vacation in Singapore but due to unplanned events, it was moved to the 2nd to the last day. Which, now, I think happened for a reason, especially if you believe in popular notion of saving the best for last.

We arrived at Resorts World Sentosa early in the morning, before the actual theme park has opened. We made use of the time by taking pictures in every map, pole, fountain, stuffed toys, ginormous candy bars and Hershey's syrups as fast as humanely possible.

We then fell in line at the entrance gates of the park, claimed our S$5 meal and souvenir vouchers and had great fun. Let me sum it up for you.

Top 5 Things I Loved in USS:

5. It was hot and sunny as hell. I got to use my sunglasses for probably the first time in my life without feeling overdressed or out of place. See, I refuse to wear it here in normal sun-filled occasions in fear of looking like, a) a fly b) a blind beggar and c) Randy Santiago.

4. Everywhere you look, there is an amazing photo backdrop. Just stop and smile (provided that someone is there to take photos of you).

3. Waterworld, Shrek 4D and Steven Spielberg's Lights, Camera, Action. Three fantastic 'shows' we've had the pleasure of watching. Wanted to ride roller coasters and thrilling rides more but being with people with generalized anxiety disorder and a 7-year-old kid made it impossible.

2. Souvenirs! With the S$5 gift certificate, we made sure we take the opportunity to 'claim' our 'free' stuff. Normally, I would've been aghast by the prices of simple things like key chains and paperweights but with the added discount, I felt compelled to buy something. And they all look so pretty it was so hard to choose. In the end, I bought a key chain and a white t-shirt as things to remember this amazing day by.

1. Having completed my childish dream of being in the two most well-known theme parks in the world, Disneyland and Universal Studios. Although I've only been to the Asian version of the famous franchises, being able to visit someplace outside my own country is unbelievable enough and it is an experience I would never take for granted.

Then, just like that, our vacation was already nearing its end. Armed with loaded USS Store plastic bags and a full camera memory card, I was ready to go back home.


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