Monday, October 25, 2010

Started the day eating as much as we could, as fast as we could on the buffet line.

Tour guide arrived right on time.

Boarded a tour bus reminiscent of the one in the Quirino Grandstand hostage taking. Almost expected SPO2 Rolando Mendoza to come strutting inside the vehicle armed with guns and deadly explosives.

Went to a few more hotels to pick up other tourists. Bus full of Gerias. I would've thought that there was a nursing home field trip if I didn't know better.

Passed by the Singapore Flyer and picked up more people.

Met irate and impatient tour guide for the first time.

Headed to the cable cars lift off station.

Rode a cable car to Sentosa with 7 other people. Mom and aunt almost fainted in terror. Was trying hard not to move while taking pictures of the scenery and oneself.

Landed in Sentosa in one piece.

Was given tickets to the Singapore Museum after being told repeatedly that the bus will leave if we did not come back on time.

Took lots of pictures. Didn't want to go in but we did anyway, was treated to a visually appetizing show about Singapore's history (together with students who, most likely, were on their field trip) and 10 minutes later, we were desperately looking for a way to get out of the building so as not to waste our precious time left.

30 minutes left, we decided to hunt for the elusive Merlion. Found it and took more pictures. Now we really have a proof that we went to Singapore.

Fell in line to board a free shuttle to Underwater World. I guess buses other than the Sentosa line is not allowed in the island. Shame. I thought being a part of a tour group means having a bus of our own to take us to places.

Arrived at Underwater World.  Was given tickets and was warned again of being left behind. Met fishes and other amazing creatures. But really, Manila Ocean Park did it better. (So I am told. Haven't been there yet.)

Fell in line again to board the Sentosa bus to the Beach Station where we will be watching Songs of the Sea. Pushed our way inside the crammed vehicle. (Standing room only.) Breathed as shallowly as possible.

Arrived at Beach Station. Was again given tickets for the show. In hindsight, it would've been nice to have more time to go around the place before or after the show rather than heading straight to the stands to get a seat then rushing back in order to not get left behind. 

Got seats on the far left side of the 'stage'. Chatted with other Filipinos on our group.

Show started. Some kids were singing a song I could not understand nor appreciate. Did we really pay S$10 for this?

Fountain visual effects started. Whoa, cool.

More effects with light and fire. Beautiful!

Honestly, the story was crap, the script was childish and the 'actors' were mediocre but what set the show apart was the dazzling array of lights and sounds that was right in front of our faces. Truly a memorable part of our vacation.

Rushed our way to the meeting point in fear of having to go back to our hotel by ourselves. Met with other tourists in our group and together we hiked about a football stadium's length to the parking lot. Was tired and hungry by the time we got to the bus.

Orchard Parade never looked as beautiful when we arrived. Decided to 'take-away' (also known as to go or take-out) food from the nearest fast food in the vicinity.

Watched CNN (the men inside the wrecked Chile's mine site were being rescued) while having dinner.

Slept. Universal Studios was waiting for us and our camera. Could not wait for the next day. :)


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