Monday, November 8, 2010

"This has been, the home of nu rock."

Last night was an emotionally charged night to rock music enthusiasts here in the country. The 23-year-running radio station NU 107 played their final song just before midnight in the presence of DJs and fans alike. Over 4,000 viewers watched the live stream of the tearful event in the internet, not to mention those who were listening over their (in one's case PENSONIC) radios.

I am certainly not a rocker nor even listened regularly to the station but the closing of NU reminded me of those radio channels which have suffered the same fate. Growing up in the 90s, we didn't have iPods and illegally downloadable music. MP3s were not existent and the only way one could listen to a favorite song was request it over radio phone lines or pray to Obama that it made the hit chart of the day.

I grew up with 97.1 Campus Radio's Top 20 at 12 and 93.9 KCFM's Chico and Delamar. Imagine my horror when both stations decided to change format, practically erasing all those that we have come to know throughout the years of tuning in. Instead of playing great music, they decided to replace coherent hosting with lewd jokes, irritating sound effects and inappropriate comments.

Now, another station waves its white flag. Being different must have been pretty unprofitable compared to other stations who cater to the C, D, E demographic, which, let's face it, are the ones who mostly tune in to radio programs as compared to those people who can easily afford iPods and download mp3s from the internet to their personal computers or laptops.

The dawn of a new era has come. Radio is no longer a crucial part of the music industry as anybody can now listen to whatever songs they like with just a click of a mouse. Thinking of the future of these networks and radio itself makes my head hurt.

Although, one thing I know. I would hate to be the jocks to replace NU's beloved DJs. I already read a plan to incessantly request for Slapshock. Let's just hope and pray that the few remaining credible radio stations (Wave 89.1, Magic 89.9, RX 93.1, 99.5 RT)  don't follow suit.


adelie fernandez said...

hello. My pension should start on January 2010. Instead claiming it monthly, i filed for lumpsum. When can i be able to get the check? It's better if I will change it to pension instead of lumpsum, since until, you did not give me wha is due for me.

Clarriscent said...

@Adelie Fernandez:

Sorry ma'am, wrong post.

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