Friday, November 19, 2010

10. Tiki Totems
I love puzzle games, especially ones with loads of free levels on them. The mission is simple, tap the blocks and safely land the Tiki God without dropping or 'hurting' him. Sound simple. Well, yes, for the first few levels at least.

9. Sky Patrol
I can almost call this app "Luxor Free" as it is free and is a complete replica of the dynamics of the said game. You travel along a rustic map as you shoot along the levels. Although, never start a new game since it will permanently erase all your hard earned progress.

8. Topple 2
All the cuteness and the bright colors will drive you crazy before you even play your first level. The goal is to stack up various shaped blocks to reach a predesignated line. The game gets harder with more odd shapes and higher height requirement.

7. Zombie Flick
The world is being invaded by zombies and a pile of trash is your last line of defense. And trust me, it's an addictive game even with the ridiculous premise. I found myself flicking random items like crazy. The 4-way alley of zombies keep you always on the lookout. Play with headphones on and you're immediately immersed in its deathly universe.

6.  Paper Toss
Who knew that such a simple game could be so addicting? Paper Toss is exactly just what it name suggest. You toss a paper in a trashcan and it counts how many successful consecutive throws you can do. That's it. Although there is always a fan nearby to deflect your throws so the game is more interesting that it sounds. The different scenes such as the Basement and Airport modes are beautiful to look at by the way.

5. Asphalt Free
I've downloaded more than a few free trial versions of various racing games from the App Store and found that this one is definitely one of the best. The controls are precise and you zoom through the road  quite accurately. The graphics are quite good and the number of power-ups that can be acquired on the road makes it more interesting that its counterparts.

4. Doodle Army Boot Camp
A stick man with a gun. That's all I can say in terms of visual. But even with the mediocre effects, this game is surprisingly addictive and enjoyable. The task is to guide the stick man into a boot camp filled with other soldiers shooting guns and dropping bombs at you. The availability of various weapons to chose from is a big plus in your quest to boot camp domination.

3. Ragdoll Blaster
At first, I was a bit hesitant to download this app because of the gloomy and depressing backdrop in the screencaps. But in the end, I'm glad I did. Its wonderfully imaginative levels transformed a normally dull game play into a maze of brain-bending challenges that will daunt even the smartest of minds. I recommend this for everyone who likes to think and have fun at the same time.

2. The Creeps
One of the most unappreciated game in the App Store, in my opinion at least. A tower defense game with cute monsters and a child cowering in his bed has never been more addictive and delightful. Honestly, I spent hours playing this game and did not even notice how fast the time flew. This game is great for those who strives of strategies and plans.

1. Tap Tap Revenge 3
The game did not get worldwide famous because of nothing. I started appreciating Tap Tap Revenge when we finally installed a WiFi router at home. I enjoyed downloading all the free tracks with new tap format and playing them for the first time since I already got tired of the 3 default songs that came with the initial installation of the game. Playing in 2 player mode doubles the fun and is great for slumber parties. Definitely worth the flash drive space.


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