Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's time of the year once again, when there is a zero crime rate in the country, ceasefire in the military and the eyes of the nation is centered on one thing and one thing only.

While sport bar waiters are gearing up for a toxic shift and the National Historical Institute is readying their latest complaint about the way the national anthem will be sung, you are here, having stumbled upon this blog while combing the Internet for a site where you can watch the fight not 5 hours delayed and with 20 commercials in between each round. Oh, yes, and also, for free. Fret not, I understand each and every one of you.

Also, yes, I am sorry to burst your bubble but you will not find a live streaming video of the match here. Although, being a sort of a veteran in being selfish in a way that I want to watch the fight live without having to pay for it, I now feel compelled to share my trade secrets with you all who may be new to the era. Also, I feel bad about luring you all in here under false pretenses.

So, here are my surefire tips on how to find a credible streaming video without missing the game altogether.

Top 5 Ways to Find a Free Live Pacquiao Fight Stream in the Internet

5. Beware of streaming sites where you need to download first an unknown program before you can watch anything. The only thing you need to watch a video on the Internet is a flash plug-in. Do not download and install any file especially if you don't know what it is for.

4. Download SopCast ( This one is safe and legit, I swear. It's free and it works, provided that you have the right address for the match. I've watched 3 Pacquiao fights using this program and let me tell you, the video quality's pretty decent compared to other streaming sites and there's hardly any lag in the buffering

3. Foster a loving relationship with your cyber pals. Okay, maybe not loving per se, but you get the gist. 3 out of 5 times, I got to watch the fight from the link a Twitter pal sent to me. Also, don't forget to return the favor. It will be good karma for the future fights and other favors you may be needing from them.

2. Return the favor but don't do it in public. Common sense dictates that if there are too much people feeding off the same streaming video, the site's servers might not hold up to the demand and might eventually crash. So if you find a viable site, don't brag your searching powers and post the link on Facebook or Twitter for everyone to see. Share with trusted contacts via private messages and send to those who will also not spread the word too much.

1. Patience and good searching skills. Nothing beats powerful Googling prowess. And don't worry, it can be developed over time and experience.

So that's it. Sorry for the misunderstanding but I do hope that this post helped you in a way. If not, you can follow me at Twitter and I'll see what I can do at the day of the event.


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