Sunday, November 28, 2010

A simple rendition of the love song classic originally sung by Michael Ruff (who I thought was Side A from the start) and is still popular in the country despite the decades of pop/rap/rock music that it has been sharing the airwaves with.

For me, the song has such an effortless melody torn between romantic and melancholy that it is a perfect soundtrack for bittersweet lovers.

Almost like a lullaby, this arrangement was made by my piano teacher for another student for a recital. It is so simple that it is supposed to be played with loving caresses like there's something going to happen later that night with you and the instrument. I don't know if I succeeded in such a task but since I managed to record it in one take, it seemed suited for public consumption.

As for those asking, well, yes, there is a music sheet for this exact arrangement, however, I still need to ask the permission of the one who actually made it and add to that that I don't have a soft copy, I doubt that it is coming up anytime soon. I will look for the chords used for this specific piece and maybe upload it soon. Stay in love.. ;)


Jelmar said...

Uhmm, hey. i've been looking for this piece for awhile. maybe some scans? preety pleeese??

btw, im from the phil. too. i hope you'll get the permision! i'd really love to play this song for a very special person.. >_<

Clarriscent said...

@ Jelmar: Thanks for watching. Aww how sweet. I'll work on it. :)

Jelmar said...

thanks! this really means a lot!
i've been trying to figure it out myself how to play the song, and i'm not having much luck.

here's my email just incase.

thanks again! :D

Anonymous said...

hey can i get a copy of the sheet music? it's just really important. here's my mail,

Patrick John Labra said...

can i pleas get a copy, I need it for my friend's wedding

Thesis Project said...

Can I have a copy of the music sheet? I really love this song a lot :(

Thesis Project said...

My email's

Unknown said...

can i have the copy to for mothers day preety pls this is my email

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