Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If you believe in love at first sight... Take a closer look.

To call this movie a 'love story' is simply misleading because people might expect flowers, light kisses and rainbows. But it is a story about love and all the things that come with it, and a provocative one at that.

Closer delves into the lives of four individuals who managed to get their feelings entangled up in each others' businesses. It is a searing story of betrayal, lies and deceit as well as uncontrollable yearning and obsession. The characters are captivating in their own ways and it gives a slightly distorted image on how relationships are formed and broken on this day and age.

The impeccable performance of the lead and supporting cast and the brilliant script is what made the movie work. It is a film devoid of action scenes and romantic cheesiness, but the story is intact and the characters are engaging. Raw emotion just shines through the screen I found myself intoxicated with it.

I would also like to commend the film for its ingenious scene blueprint, as the audience is only presented with moments where the characters are in crisis. The fluff and 'joy' of the story is left out leaving a constant intensity that holds the viewer's rapt attention with ease.

The ending may leave some scratching their heads if one is not paying attention to a specific scene. Some may even be disappointed if one is looking for a finale with a bang, but I, personally, adored the power in simplicity and the utmost passion of the whole 104 minutes.

The soundtrack did not veer far from it's mother ship. "The Blower's Daughter" sung by Damien Rice is a consuming song with brutal lyrics and a haunting melody. It is featured throughout the film and will leave you yearning for more when the credits roll.

All in all, one of the most intense film I've seen in recent years as it is saturated not only with astonishing confrontations and sex, but with overwhelming passion and emotions as well.

Orchestr-o-meter: A


Anonymous said...

how's the ending?

Clarriscent said...


The ending was surprising at best. There was a scene there that sort of put everything you thought you knew about the characters in question and the plot really didn't wrap itself up in a neat little package but it was still a solid movie overall.

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