Wednesday, April 20, 2011

After a couple of weeks of hiatus, Glee is back with more songs and more Charice, but less of everything else.

The episode started out as promising. The Glee Club is back from their regionals win and, surprisingly, nothing has changed. The golden trophy that has gleamed with importance back in season one has somehow lost its shine this time around. You would've expected that the club finally getting the coveted first place and a chance at competing at nationals would've paid more attention to the aftermath of such game-changing success, but no, that did not happen at all. 

Instead, we were treated with a lousy episode arc where Tina, Mike, Artie and Brittany has suddenly transformed into brainy geeks intelligent enough to win in an academic decathlon. It would have been feasible enough if there was an ounce of history of them showing off their studying prowess, but since there was none, the whole thing just sounded fake and forced.

Actually, the whole episode felt pretentious and trying hard. Even Charice's guesting didn't really brought much substance to the show except to enter another show-stopping musical number. Her role did not make much sense although I do applaud how her character seems so much of an alter-ego to Rachel's which is absolutely fantastic and opens up a lot of story opportunities. From her first episode in the show, I got this impression that her Sunshine will be another meek forgettable character but here, she proved that she's talented, she damn well knows it and she's not afraid to flaunt what she has. She is almost like Rachel, only smaller.

Enter the Concert for a Cause with only a handful of people in attendance. This did not make sense to me at all. They know no one's there in the first place, why push through with this? Instead of embracing logic, we were put through performance after performance of acts and songs which did absolutely nothing except establish the already known fact that Mike Chang can dance and Gweneth Paltrow can (somehow) sing. Plus, if they don't have money for anything, how did they afford to have an orchestra and a gospel choir in that benefit concert?

The episode did have its ups. I've grown fond of Paltrow's character Holly because of how she exudes coolness and surprising wisdom in everything that she says. Her character sorts of enter a moral lesson here and there in her lines and you won't even notice it. This week's theme is Heckling in the 21st Century.

In entirety, I think the producers and the writers of the show need to have their eyes checked. First of all, Glee is a TV show. A musical, yes, but a TV show nonetheless and not a concert. In the end, it is the engaging characterization and captivating plot lines that will make people stay addicted with the show. If they don't work on that as soon as possible, I see a bleak future ahead.


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