Thursday, April 21, 2011

As much as I love blogging, the old fashioned multi-paragraphed way, lately, I've realized that some of my best points regarding specific topics were best delivered within 140 characters. It will be a shame to just let them get buried in the Twitter rubble so I'm putting it here. 

So in celebration of Maundy Thursday, here are my recent choice tweets that clearly states my passion and advocacy for (hopefully) a future law, which is the RH Bill. Since the tweets are pretty recent, most of it are about the Baguio priest who lambasted Risa Hontiveros on the pulpit and asked parishioners to leave the church if they support the RH bill.

(Some of these tweets are made during a debate so notes are added for continuity purposes. Abbreviations have also been expanded since we're not constrained to limited characters anymore.)

My Top 10 Tweets About the RH Bill

10. I see your point. But their notion of what is a sin or not is suffocating even the (most basic) human right of HAVING AN OPINION. #rhbill (Response on an argument that it's the Church's prerogative to shun RH Bill supporters out of church)

9. They're having delusions of grandeur. Which is ironic bec. Jesus is all about living a humble existence. #rhbill (Response to a tweet saying that priests have forgotten that people ARE the Church.)

8. Ghandi was right. "I like your Christ. I don't like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

7. The ironic thing is that these are the same people who preach about love and acceptance and not judging people. #baguiopriest

6. I don't think Jesus himself would shun people out of his Father's house for believing otherwise. He would (patiently) teach and explain his side instead. #rhbill (Still about the Baguio priest)

5. The problem with the RCC (Roman Catholic Church) is that they insist that their voice is the voice of God when in fact it's just the voice of high ranking officials.

4. Dear CBCP, I thought God gave us the FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Why can't you do the same?

3. Church's job = maintain morality. State's job = provide needs of people. Teenage pregnancy left and right. Who failed to do their job? 

2. And here I thought the church is a place where everyone is accepted, even the lowliest of sinners. I was wrong. #rhbill (Response to Julius Babao's tweet regarding dismay on the Baguio priest's actions)

1. I THINK GOD Himself wants the RH Bill passed. Therefore I AM for #RHBill (Response to a fill in the blanks  question of "I THINK ____. Therefore I AM for RH Bill.")


Anonymous said...

InDios We Trust!RH BILL will PASS!

Clarriscent said...

@Anonymous: Amen!

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